Zephyrus (ゼフィラス Zefirasu?) is the powerful avian kaiju that dominates the skies with the title Great Kaiju of the Skies (大空の怪獣 Ōzora no Kaijū?). It first appeared in the film Tatsuya vs. Hellbourne and is the transformed form of the Magi Zark Albatrosa.

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Zephyrus is a large avian creature that is entirely clad in green armor. He has green glowing eyes, three massive pairs of wings, golden beaks, claws and horns, and five long bronze spear-like tails. He also has an emerald pearl on his chest armor.

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  • The kaiju is named after the Greek mythological figure Zephyrus, one of the four chief Anemoi who is the god of the west wind and bringer of light spring and early-summer breezes.
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