Yuphie: “Hey, I think we should help out.”
Sophie: “Of course, big sis! We should, this should be fun!”

—Yuphie and Sophie

Yuphie and Sophie (ユフィ&ソフィ Yufi ando Sofi?) are young artificial twin Oni sisters who appear in the Kaiju World War Arc, first appearing in Kaiju World War: Part 1, before joining the Young Brave Brigade in the anime of the same name.

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In 2026, the Earth Defense Force, in its early years of foundation, led a US-backed experiment to artificially lifeforms based on DNA samples and remains from various species and bodies collected from the Underworld. Originally code-named "Test Crimson" and "Test Azure", they were created with the purpose to provide support to the Justice Alliance or the Taimanin in battles or combat them if they go out of hand, with abilities perceived to be equal to that of a strong magic-adequate Magi.

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