“Burn, my soul!”

Yukimura Katsuki (勝木 幸村 Katsuki Yukimura?) is the main protagonist of the film Samurai Dragon Amatsu and the Lady in the Water and a supporting character of the sequel Kaiju of Retribution Tatsuya. He was the lover of Shiranui Mizuki, who in turn had birthed a daughter with him, Yukikaze Mizuki.



Samurai Dragon Amatsu

Kaiju of Retribution Tatsuya

Kaiju World War Series



Shiranui Mizuki

Yukikaze Mizuki

Tatsurou Akiyama


  • Fire elemental manipulation -
  • Supernatural durability -
  • Supernatural strength -
  • Master swordsmanship - As a samurai, he has mastered to perfection the art of swordsmanship, allowing him to have a great advantage in sword-to-sword combat.
  • Kaiju Transformation - Yukimura has the power to become the dragon kaiju Amatsu.


During battle, Yukimura carries a large blade called the Flame Dragon Katana Onimaru, (炎龍刀・鬼丸オニマル Enryūtō Onimaru?) clad in gold, decorated with flames and supplied with powers of fire that can only be unleashed by a user who has control over his fire elemental powers.

In Kaiju of Retribution Tatsuya, he wears the Cursed Armor Jukokugai.


  • “Burn, my soul! Burn, Samurai Dragon Amatsu!” (燃えろ、俺の魂!燃えろ、侍龍アマツ! Moero, ore no tamashī! Moero, Samurai Ryū Amatsu!?)
  • “Fire up, ferocious dragon! With your hot soul, become a flame that pierces the heavens! Kaiju transformation!! Samurai Dragon Amatsu!! (燃え上がれ、猛き龍よ!熱きその魂で天を切り裂く炎となれ!怪獣変身!!侍龍アマツ!! Moeagare, takeki ryū yo! Atsuki sono tamashī de ten wo kirisaku honō to nare! Kaijū henshin!! Samurai-Ryū Amatsu!!?)
  • “Howl! Roar! Dragon of flames! Become a blade that cuts down all! Appear, Flame Dragon Onimaru!!” (唸れ!叫べ!炎の龍よ!全てを切り裂く、刃となれ!現れ、炎龍刀・鬼丸オニマル!! Unare! Sakebe! Honō no ryū yo! Subete wo kirisaku, yaiba to nare! Araware, Enryūtō Onimaru!?)


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