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Yukikaze Mizuki (水城 ゆきかぜ Mizuki Yukikaze?) is one of the main characters of Kaiju of Retribution Tatsura and Tatsura vs. Hellbourne. She is the daughter of Shiranui Mizuki and Yukimura Katsuki, and the love interest-then-girlfriend of Tatsurou Akiyama.

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She makes a brief appearance in the movie Gamera vs. MechaGamera where Tatsurou pardons her for him to depart to help the Justice Alliance at the crisis going on at the time.

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Dark Yukikaze Mizuki

Corrupted form

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Tatsurou and Yukikaze kiss in the sunset

Yukikaze and Tatsurou kiss in the sunset

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As a Taimanin, she demonstrates abilities that makes her a formidable adversary to any opponent she faces, weak or strong.

  • Magi physiology / sensitivity to chi -
  • Lightning elemental manipulation – She masters the signature ninja arts inherited from her mother's side of the family, the Lightning-Style Jutsu (雷遁の術 Raiton no Jutsu?) which allows her to convert electric energies in her body into attacks.
  • Combat shooting
  • Supernatural agility
  • Supernatural speed
  • Barrier projection – Yukikaze can use her lightning gun to project an electric force field to shield herself and her allies through the Lightning-Style Jutsu - Thunder Wall. (雷遁の術・雷撃壁 Raiton no Jutsu - Raigekiheki?)

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  • Lightning Net (雷撃網 Raigeki-mō?)
  • Lightning-Style Jutsu - Discharge (雷遁の術・充雷 Raiton no Jutsu - Jūrai?)
  • Lightning-Style Jutsu - Thunder Beast (雷遁の術・雷獣 Raiton no Jutsu - Raijū?)
  • Lightning-Style Jutsu - Thor's Hammer (雷鎚<トールハンマー> Ikazuchi <Tōruhanmā>?)
  • Lightning's Blessing (雷撃の祝福 Raigeki no Shukufuku?) – Yukikaze's finishing move.
  • Combined Technique - Rumbling Thunderstorm (合体奥義・轟天風雷 Gattai Ōgi - Gōtenfūrai?) – Yukikaze and Tatsurou's combination attack.

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