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The Young Braves Brigade (ヤング・ブレーブス・ブリゲード Yangu Burēbusu Burigēdo?) is a superhero youth team composed of young human, Magi and occasionally otherwordly superheroes. Established around 2035, its members are composed of primarily children or preteens.

It was founded eight years after the downfall of the Justice Alliance and served as its spiritual successor, until it merged with the Alliance after it was restored in late 2035.

History[edit | edit source]

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Known Members[edit | edit source]

Name Place of Origin Alias Status
Kenta Mogami Portrait.jpg
Kenta Mogami (co-founder and leader)  Japan Blazeboy Alive
Connor Albatrosa Portrait.jpg
Connor Albatrosa (co-founder)  United States Greenwing Alive
A-66 Luna.jpg
A-66 Luna  United States N/A Alive
Lebe Safree Portrait.png
Lebe Safree  Norway Sabre Reaper Alive
Lilim  Revia Dream Devil Alive
Mei Merryhadda.jpg
Mei Merryhadda  Japan Whitewasher Alive
Sokuren Tachibana.jpg
Sokuren Tachibana  Japan Crimson Blade Alive
Wataru Akiyama (Kaiju World War Portrait).jpg
Wataru Akiyama  Japan Savior Alive
Yufie & Sophie.jpg
Yuphie and Sophie  United States Twin Oni Alive

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