World War III (第三次世界大戦 Dai-san-ji Sekai Taisen?) was a catastrophic global conflict that spanned from 2028 to 2036. The events are the war are chronicled throughout the Mahou Kaiju Series' Kaiju World War Saga as the primary conflict within Earth.

Lasting eight years, it was the most devastating and deadliest human conflict in history, resulting in the deaths of seven billion people, more than three-fourth of the planet's population.

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Nuked New York

New York after nuclear attack

Los Angeles Bombed

Destruction of Los Angeles

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Houston nuclear strike

Houston nuked

Prior to the start of the war in 2029, the total population of the world was around nine billion.

It was likely 75-80% of the entire human population were killed throughout the war. All the casualties were the result of the war itself, unrest, nuclear attacks, massive atrocities from three sides, continent-wide genocides from either the Terran Powers, the Caliphate or the Underworld Legion, famines (in particular, the Great Famine of 2033-2035) and the outbreak of HAVA Virus.

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