“I'll show you what I can do!”
Wataru Akiyama (秋山 ワタル Akiyama Wataru?) is a major character in the final arc of the Mahou Kaiju Series, first appearing in the film Kaiju World War: Part 1 as the son of Tatsurou Akiyama and Yukikaze Mizuki, before becoming one of the main characters of the TV series Young Braves Brigade.

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Wataru is a young boy with dark-brown hair and brown irises on his eyes.

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Tatsurou Akiyama Edit

Tatsurou is Wataru's father.

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Yukikaze is Wataru's mother.

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  • Mecha piloting - Using his mystical powers, Wataru is able to control Ryujinmaru and later Ryuohmaru.
  • Wind elemental manipulation -
  • Lightning manipulation -
  • Expert swordsmanship -
  • Supernatural agility -
  • Supernatural speed -
  • Camouflage - He can hide or blend into the environment or shadows to be hidden from sight of the enemy.
  • Kaiju Transformation - Wataru can transform into Ryuohmaru and back into human form at will, but he would need his mecha Ryuohmaru as his vessel to do so.

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  • Despite being a Taimanin like his father, Wataru never joined the Taimanin Force and attended the Gosha Academy under Asagi Igawa. Just like his father, he becomes a member of the Justice Alliance.

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