What the frickin' hell?

Almost an hour ago, two users: Materiaa and Masta Shot, or possibly just one since I think the former is a sockpuppet account for the latter, came onto my fan wiki, the Mahou Kaiju Series, and indiscriminately edited pages in my site, replacing images and text I put up there with pure gibberish nonsense that don't line up at all on who I want these characters to be. I don't want to give away the full details but here are the following pages that were vandalized and later restored, and check their edit history to prove my point:

There was a comment that I removed in Liliana's page that apparently came from the same guy, as far as I'm concerned. I'm betting that that guy logged out to comment as an anonymous user, just to log in again to continue fucking up my content with stupid shit.

I hated it. I hate them/him, I hated the next thirty minutes, every single minute that they/he had in the wiki and the ten minutes I wasted trying to clean up this mess when I checked the Wiki Activity to see my fan wiki vandalized by these assholes/this asshole. That's why, effectively immediately, I blocked these accounts and the IP address indefinitely for vandalism and spamming. Thank God, I checked my wiki on time to see what was going on. Hell, the worst part was when Masta Shot even replaced everything from my wiki's front page with two pictures of penises!


Good thing, I deleted all the pictures that they/he put up. And I can't imagine if I was like thirty minutes or even an hour later than when I reacted, that they/he would cause more damage to my wiki, putting even more racist and sexist shit in pages or worse. Apparently, Masta Shot was even banned in some wikis, showing what a goddamn dick (no pun intended) he is. Now, I know what it's like to have assholes making up shit for no reason. So, if you come across Materiaa and/or Masta Shot, or people like them, don't hesitate and report immediately. What they did in my wiki was more than enough damage that I could handle.

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