“I am Unreed Bonnie, bounty hunter. Well, regards from myself.”
Unreed Bonnie (アンリード・ボニー Anrīdo Bonī?) is one of the many characters introduced in the Kaiju World War Saga.

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Unreed Bonnie was born in the human world and grew to be a deadly assassin in the Underworld. She earned a reputation as an Underworld gunman and bounty huntress under the alias "Unreed of the Reaper". She is armed with her signature revolver Jet Revolver, developed by human science and demonic technology. But her gunmanship alone does not build her reputation as a dangerous adversary to people who irritate her or target she came to hunt for bounty or personal vendettas. Throughout her career, magical tattoos called "Magic Embroidery" are applied to various parts of the body, and some of these Embroidery are applied by Chevalier.

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Unreed makes use of her abilities to benefit her as a well-known bounty hunter in the Underworld:

  • Magical Embroidery (魔繍 Mashū?) – Unreed has different magical tattoos marked in many parts of her body. Each Embroidery gives her different abilities. Since the Embroidery only appears on her body when the power is activated, they cannot usually see the tattoo, which could catch her foes off-guard.
    • Magical Embroidery: Jack Rose (魔繍・ジャック・ローズ Mashū - Jakku Rōzu?) – This Embroidery is a rose tattoo on the thighs, which gives her a phenomenal speed for a period of time. This is what Unreed uses most often.
    • Magical Embroidery: Lemon Heart (魔繍・レモン・ハート Mashū - Remon Hāto?)
  • Master gunman skills

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Her special revolver pistol Jet Revolver (ジェットリボルバー Jetto Riborubā?) was created by a combination of the science of Earth's human technologies and the magical technology of the Underworld. It can shoot magic bullets that can also make holes in even heavily-armored vehicles such as tanks.

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  • “I am Unreed Bonnie, bounty hunter. Well, regards from myself.” (アタシはアンリード・ボニー、賞金稼ぎさ。ま、一つよろしく Atashi wa Anrīdo Bonī, shōkin kasegi sa. Ma, hitotsu yoroshiku?)
  • “Does the name "Unreed of the Reaper" not ring a bell to you?” ("死神のアンリード" その名前に聞き覚えはないかい? "Shinigami no Anrīdo" sono namae ni kikioboe wanai kai??)
  • “You're interesting in my Jet Revolver? Sorry, but I can't let you touch it.” (ジェットリボルバーに興味があるって? 残念だけど触らせるわけにはいかないね Jetto Riborubā ni kyōmigārutte? Zannen dakedo sawaraseru wake ni wa ikanai ne?)
  • “If you want to see my Embroidery, then fight me and I'll show you. However, I can't guarantee you your life.” (アタシの魔繍を見たいなら戦って見せてやろう。まあ、命の保障はしないけど Atashi no mashū wo mitai nara tatakatte misete yarou. Mā, inochi no hoshō wa shinaikedo?)
  • “Humph, the condition of the Jet Revolver is now at a maximum.” (ふふっ、ジェットリボルバーの調子も最高だ Fufu~, Jetto Riborubā no chōshi mo saikō da?)
  • “Did you see my quick attack?” (アタシの早撃ち、あんたには見えたかい? Atashi no hayauchi, anta ni wa mieta kai??)
  • “The stronger I get, the more money I get, well, the usual.” (強くなればなるほど私は金を稼げる、ふっ、そういうことさ Tsuyoku nareba naruhodo watashi wa kin wo kasegeru, fu~, sō iu koto sa?)

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