“Stars of freedom, stripes of justice! Spirit of America, Uncle Sam!”
—Uncle Sam's roll call

Uncle Sam (アンクルサム Ankuru Samu?) is a character and superhero. introduced in the anime Justice Alliance of Japan. Based on the national personification of the United States of the same name, Uncle Sam is the founder and leader of the Freedom Fighters of America.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Uncle Sam is, by definition, patriotic.

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

As the premiere and one of the most prominent superheroes of the United States, Uncle Sam has various powerful abilities that cemented his position as so.

  • Transformation – He can transform into his superhero form by shouting out his henshin word “Seijouki!” (星条旗!?, Stars and Stripes), which afterwards, his body emits red rays, white stars and a blue aura before transforming into Uncle Sam.
  • Size manipulation – He can change size from human to giant at will to fight in kaiju battles.
  • Thirteen Spirits of America: Soul Summon (十三米霊・精神召参 Jūsan Beirei: Seishin Shōzan?) – One of Uncle Sam's most notable feats, he can summon the spirit of one of the thirteen Spirits of America to fight alongside him in battle. He could even summon more than one simultaneously. After a short interval of time, they disappear. The Thirteen Spirits are souls of individuals who most represent the values and virtues that the United States and her people fight for such as liberty, justice and freedom, from the Founding Fathers to presidents, generals and heroes who came after, and who, after death, roam across the nation to guide the American people.
    1. George Washington – The founding president of the United States and possibly the strongest Spirit that Uncle Sam can summon. When summoned into battle, he wears his Continental Army uniform and is armed with a rifle and sword.
    2. Benjamin Franklin –
    3. John Adams –
    4. Thomas Jefferson –
    5. James Madison –
    6. Alexander Hamilton –
    7. Abraham Lincoln – The 16th president of the United States, most known for leading the Union in the American Civil War. One of the most powerful Spirits Uncle Sam could summon.
    8. Ulysses S. Grant –
    9. Theodore Roosevelt – The 26th president of the United States. One of the more powerful Spirits, when summoned, he is riding on his horse Little Texas and wearing his uniform, armed with a pistol, a rifle and a sword.
    10. John J. Pershing –
    11. Franklin D. Roosevelt –
    12. Douglas MacArthur –
    13. Dwight D. Eisenhower –
  • Super strength
  • Energy blasts – Uncle Sam can emit blasts of energy from his hand or body.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Liberty Punch (リバティーパンチ Ribatī Panchi?)
  • Justice Kick (ジャスティスキック Jasutisu Kikku?)
  • Star Blast (スターブラスト Sutā Burasuto?) – He can fire a star-shaped white energy blast from his hand at his enemy.
  • Stripes Surge (ストライプスサージ Sutoraipusu Sāji?)
  • Thirteen Spirits of America Finishing Surge: Freedom Wave (十三米霊必殺波動・フリーダムウェーブ Jūsan Beirei Hissatsu Hadō: Furīdamu Wēbu?)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “Stars of freedom, stripes of justice! Spirit of America, Uncle Sam!” (自由の星、正義の縞! アメリカの魂、アンクルサム! Jiyū no hoshi, seigi no shima! Amerika no tamashī, Ankurusamu!?)
  • “Azure skies and crimson rays are the radiance of the Motherland.” (紺碧の空と紅蓮の光線、それが祖国の燦然だ Konpeki no sora to guren no kōsen, sore ga sokoku no sanzenda?)
  • “I, Uncle Sam, the Soul of America won't forgive injustices!” (アメリカの魂、アンクルサムが許さない! Amerika no tamashī, Ankurusamu ga yurusanai!?)

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