“Stars of freedom, stripes of justice! Spirit of America, Uncle Sam!”
—Uncle Sam's roll call
Uncle Sam (アンクルサム Ankuru Samu?) is a character and superhero. introduced in the anime Justice Alliance of Japan. Based on the national personification of the United States of the same name, Uncle Sam is the founder and leader of the Freedom Fighters of America.

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Uncle Sam is, by definition, patriotic.

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He can transform into his superhero form by shouting out his henshin word “Seijouki!” (星条旗!?, Stars and Stripes), which afterwards, his body emits red rays, white stars and a blue aura before transforming into Uncle Sam.

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  • “Stars of freedom, stripes of justice! Spirit of America, Uncle Sam!” (自由の星、正義の縞! アメリカの魂、アンクルサム! Jiyū no hoshi, seigi no shima! Amerika no tamashī, Ankurusamu!?)
  • “Azure skies and crimson rays are the radiance of the Motherland.” (紺碧の空と紅蓮の光線、それが祖国の燦然だ Konpeki no sora to guren no kōsen, sore ga sokoku no sanzenda?)
  • “I, Uncle Sam, the Soul of America won't forgive injustices!” (アメリカの魂、アンクルサムが許さない! Amerika no tamashī, Ankurusamu ga yurusanai!?)

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