Toshiya Izuka (飯塚 俊哉 Izuka Toshiya?) is one of the two main protagonists of the film God-Sigma vs. God-Mars: War of the Gods, the other being Satoru Myojin. He is a young high school student from the Fukuoka Witch Academy and the primary pilot of the magical super robot God Sigma.


He is a tall young man who has a fine well-toned body with some muscles, spiky short teal hair and violet irises from his eyes. He has also a scar on the lower portion of his left cheek and two smaller more on his right eyebrows.


Toshiya is a determined, optimistic and headstrong young man. As a high school student in a witch academy, he often doubts his place in such a prestige and important location, especially when he tries to contribute for his two partners, Rina Koyanagi and Tanaka Rina and even sees himself at times as a burden to them. However, he has a noble incentive of wanting to help the two girls as well as the world, especially when he discovers that he is falling in love with both Rina and Alyssa.


God-Sigma vs. God-Mars

Gamera vs. The Dark General

Kaiju World War: Part 1

Kaiju World War: Part 2


Rina Koyanagi

Tanaka Rina

Satoru Myojin


  • Mana sensitivity - His biological functions as a Magi allows his body to react to mana and supply it with magical energies for his partners, Rina and Alyssa, and his combat mecha, God Sigma.
  • Mana storage - Toshiya is able to supply mana for Tanaka and Rina's combat prowess.
  • Magical robot control - Toshiya has the ability to pilot God Sigma.
    • Trinity Energy control - He is able to combine his energies with Alyssa and Rina's to form the Trinity Energy and charge the God Sigma with it to become more powerful.





  • Toshiya shares his first name, albeit with different kanji, with Toshiya Dan (壇 闘志也?), the protagonist of the original 1980 anime Space Emperor God Sigma, which was rebooted into the movie he appears.
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