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“No matter what happens, the two of us will stay strong… together.”
The Hows of Me and Liliana (我が家のボクとリリアナさん Wagaya no Boku to Liliana-san?, Me and Liliana in My House) is an action romantic comedy television anime series co-produced and distributed by Sunrise and Toei Animation. The show's episodes aired in an 8:00 PM timeslot on Tokyo MX weekly every Saturday, with each episode being released on Netflix three days after its initial broadcast and ran for 50 episodes from November 23, 2024 to November 1, 2025. Based on Aoi Nagisa's manga Wagaya no Liliana-san, it is the seventh show in the Mahou Kaiju Series and its events are canon within the series.

It is preceded by Justice Alliance of Japan and succeeded by All-Star Combattler V, both of these shows occupying the same timeslot within the same channel.

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An average boy named Tatsuya Nagare is living a boring and uneventful life. One day, something would twist the fate of his life in ways he couldn't possibly imagine. He discovers a lost girl discarded and sleeping in an unknown back-alley and saves her from a pack of rabid dogs. He takes the girl home and asks who she is. She has no memories of her own life prior to being in the alley other than her name being Liliana. With the mysterious young woman Liliana being a part of his life now, the two would begin to face all the obstacles and troubles they encounter in the world; enemies to fight against, crises to deal with and battles to win. It is not going to be easy; how can the two face such ordeals together? How can they survive? How far will their friendship go? How will they discover their true feelings for each other? These are the "hows" that the everyday nobody and the unknown mysterious woman will answer for themselves, living together in the same house.


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Dinosaur Empire Edit

The Dinosaur Empire is the show's first and primary antagonist faction.

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After the collapse of the Dinosaur Empire and apparent death of Emperor Gore, the Hyakki Empire takes over as the antagonistic faction for the second half of the series.

The Getter Edit

With the Hyakki Empire's demise nearing, a mysterious man reveals himself, the true nature of Tatsuya's power and Liliana's origin.

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  • The designs of the characters for the anime are designed by Aoi Nagisa, the creator of the original manga source material.
  • The anime was originally meant to be a show celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ken Ishikawa's Getter Robo series, since it featured redesigned versions of the main characters and villains from the franchise.
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