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“Hell descends!”

The Goddamn Samurai (死神の侍 Shinigami no Samurai?) is the thirteenth installment of the Mahou Kaiju Series, co-produced by Sunrise and distributed by Toei for theatrical release in Japan on August 12, 2023. The film was directed and co-written by series creator Sam Imbecile. It was soon given an international release by Funimation Entertainment via Netflix streaming on September 2, 2024 with an official English dub.

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Bridging from the coast of the still-rebuilding Tokyo is an artificial island and urban center built by the government called the "Tokyo Kingdom". What was supposed to be a flourishing hub of Japanese business and finance instead turned into a cesspool of crime, corruption and violence and a "living hell on Earth". The government tasked experienced Taimanin sisters Asagi Igawa and Sakura Igawa to investigate a growing number of missing Taimanin in their taskforce, with the clues for an answer leading to Tokyo Kingdom. However, when days passed without any report from Asagi or Sakura on the mission since they entered Tokyo Kingdom, Kousuke Sawaki and Ryuunosuke Shirogane are sent to pick up where they left off, rescue the Taimanin, as well as their loved ones, and get to the bottom of this case. However, on their way to Tokyo Kingdom, Kousuke and Ryuunosuke are intercepted by a mysterious caped samurai as black as the darkest night. He gives a warning to them not to head towards the hell that awaits them in Tokyo Kingdom and assures to them that he will "bring justice". Who is this mysterious samurai? Is he a friend or a foe? What secrets and dangers await the Taimanin heroes and the one who calls himself "the Goddamn Samurai" in the catacombs of Tokyo Kingdom?

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