Asagi Igawa training a group of young Taimanin

The Taimanin (対魔忍?, lit. Anti-Demon Ninja) are a group of ninjas born from the superpowered Magi species of human beings, dedicated to combating and eliminating corruption and injustice caused by demons and evil people.

The Taimanin become a more prominent fighting force in the 21st century, organized by the Japanese government to fight crime and demonic influences across the country. Along with the Justice Alliance, the Taimanin is one of the two largest crime-fighting forces in Japan.

History[edit | edit source]

Before Mahou Kaiju Series[edit | edit source]

21st Century[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Tokyo in 2019, crime and corruption ran rampant across the ruins of the Japanese capital and beyond. The Japanese government sought the help of a small group of Taimanin, led by the Igawa sisters, to resolve the crisis enveloping the country. The government gave approval on the formation of the Justice Alliance and its status as a legitimate crime-fighting organization. However, soon after, the government gathered hundreds of ninjas across the country and organized a government-funded anti-crime organization known simply and collectively as the Taimanin, almost as a response to the activities of the Alliance.

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

The Gosha Academy serves as the primary base of operations and central hub and headquarters of the expanding Taimanin faction. It is also a school where a younger generation of Taimanin are taught and trained in the ways of the shinobi and purger of evil by the older and more experienced so they can take up the honor and helm of their predecessors in the future. The school became much more active in its operations, assignments and training shortly after the formation of the Justice Alliance.

Leadership and Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

The current leader and supreme commander of all Taimanin is Asagi Igawa. Leadership of the Taimanin lies in the hands of head of the Igawa clan. After her father was killed in a mission, Asagi took up the mantle of her predecessor and trained rigorously and ferociously for years to become the "Strongest Taimanin", a title given only to the absolute greatest and most powerful of all ninjas and one worthy to lead the Taimanin to victory in a constant war against evil.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Yukikaze channeling her "Lightning-Style Jutsu" through her guns

Every Taimanin is a member of the Magi, a sub-species of the homo sapiens that possesses abilities and powers beyond that of a regular human being. As such, each possess their own and unique set of powers from the other, fully developing them when they hit adolescence or even as early as seven to eight years old. Usually, these powers are passed down from one generation to the next in the same family or clan. For example, part of the lineage of Yukikaze's family inherits the Lightning-Style Jutsu, a ninja arts that can conjure lightning elemental powers for combat.

Operations and Principles[edit | edit source]

When going on missions, it is mandatory to organize a team of two Taimanin are organized by order or request of Asagi, her fellow colleagues or the government. Depending on the difficulty of a mission or through special requests, a team of three or more members would be sent. However, if a Taimanin has been in service for more than fifteen years, the team formation mandate becomes optional to them and they can go on solo missions, as is with several more experienced veterans such as Asagi, Sakura, Ryuunosuke, etc.

The Taimanin's principles far contrast that of the majority of the members of Justice Alliance. When facing adversity, be it a demon, a human enemy or likewise, a superhero from the Alliance would hesitate or outright refuse to kill and seek alternative methods such as sending them to the authorities and putting into custody by the Alliance themselves. By contrast, a Taimanin is mostly willing to end a life if it means protecting more lives and the balance of peace and order in Japan. Fellow Taimanin seniors like Asagi, Sakura and Murasaki believe in retribution against evil through any means necessary, brute force if need be. Few notable exceptions exist, such as Ryuunosuke's "no-kill" principle which is reminiscent of the moral principles of the Justice Alliance members, and belief that all life is sacred and must be protected, which came from his ancestors' Buddhist roots.

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