Susanō-no-Amakata (須佐之男天型スサノオノアマカタ?, Heavenly Form of God) is Gaiza Nisha's kaiju form, a powerful black dragon fierce in both flames and swordsmanship.

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As Gaiza's alternate form, Susanoo-no-Amakata adopts a lot of his same abilities.

  • Inoshishijo - The kaiju wields a much larger version of Gaiza's signature weapon.
  • Fire Breath - The dragon can erupt a massive stream of flames from his maw.
  • Evil Eye: Yakusha Skull - Susano can become much stronger by using the grudges of the restless dead to empower him with a skull-like armor and annihilate his opponents.

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  • The kaiju's name is based from Susanoo-no-Mikoto (須佐之男命 Susanō Mikoto?), the Shinto deity of the sea and storms and Amaterasu's brother.
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