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“There's no holding back this one.”
—Snake Lady
Snake Lady (スネークレディ Sunēku Redi?), her real name being Kaliya (カリヤ Kariya?), was a hermaphrodite Naga warrior and the main antagonist of the first season of The Taimanin Force.

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Snake Lady is a sadist who smiles doing calm yet cruel things, despite her rather soft demeanor.

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Kaliya is a notoriously powerful being from the Underworld and a descendant of the snake god. She is a member of a species of half-man and half-serpent creatures called the Naga. She is one of the executives of Edwin Black, with power comparable to him. Kaliya is also one of the three chiefs of the Naga race, along with Takshaka and Vasuki.

For some reason, she had a weird attachment to the Taimanin Asagi Igawa, so she kidnapped her younger sister Sakura to the Chaos Arena.

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Snake Lady's powers and skills make her a very dangerous threat to the Taimanin.

  • Expert combat prowess – Snake Lady mostly uses wrestling moves and has expertise in oil wrestling as a result from her time in the Chaos Arena.
  • Superhuman strength – Being descended from the Snake God gives her vast amounts of superhuman strength, enough to be threat against Asagi, who also has demon blood.
  • Metamorphosis – Snake Lady can change effortlessly between human and naga forms.
  • Snake poison – Originally a method for injecting any poison into a victim with a touch, this technique had evolved in the Chaos Arena, allowing the injection of her Ki into her target's erogenous zones.

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  • “There's no holding back this one. Let's fight this one out, Miss Taimanin~” (手加減はなし。お互い、先生どうどう戦いましょう、対魔忍さん♪ Tekagen wa nashi. Otagai, sensei dōdō tatakai mashou, Taimanin-san♪?)
  • “Here… take a good look~ This thick thing is sticking into your hole… Are you getting turned on♪” (ほーら…よく見なさい〜この太いオチンポがあなたのマンコに打刺さるの…とっても興奮するでしょう♪ Hoora… yoku minasai~ Kono futoi ochinpo ga anata no manko ni bussasaru no… Totte mo kōfun suru deshou♪?)
  • “Jeez. You're already so wet.” (全く。もうこんなにオマンコが水つい来てるじゃない Mattaku. Mou konna ni omanko ga suitsui kiteru janai?)

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