“Little girls are difficult to deal with, that's why it's so satisfying when I capture them.”
—Snake Lady
Kaliya (カリヤ Kariya?), better known by her alias Snake Lady (スネークレディ Sunēku Redi?), is one of Oboro's accomplices and a hermaphrodite warrior fighting within the Chaos Arena, first appearing as a villain in the film Anti-Demon Kaiju Taigaia.

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Unlike the hazy and abrasive Oboro, Snake Lady acts like a more erotic and deranged older sister to Asagi. For some reason, she likes Asagi in an immorally perverse manner and is immersed in pleasure when she fights her. She has a soft impression, but she is still a sadist who smiles and gets off doing calm yet cruel things. An entertaining and obscene personality, she likes watching humans drown in pleasure and playing as a Chaos Arena warrior for no purpose.

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Anti-Demon Kaiju Taigaia Edit

Kaliya is a notoriously powerful being in the Underworld, as a descendant of the snake god and member of a species of half-man half-serpent creatures called the Naga. She is a close friend to Oboro and Edwin Black, with power comparable to the latter. Kaliya is also a popular warrior of Chaos Arena, working under the alias "Snake Lady".

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Snake Lady's abilities, as demonstrated by her experience in Chaos Arena, make her a formidable and dangerous threat to the Taimanin.

  • Master combat prowess – Snake Lady mostly uses wrestling moves and has expertise in oil wrestling as a carryover from her time in the Chaos Arena. However, she's even stronger and more skilled that her alternate universe equivalent.
  • Superhuman strength – Being descended from the Snake God gives her vast amounts of superhuman strength, enough to be threat against Asagi, who also has demon blood.
  • Metamorphosis – Snake Lady can change effortlessly between human and naga forms.
  • Snake Poison – Originally a method for injecting any poison into a victim with a touch, this technique had evolved in the Chaos Arena, allowing the injection of her Ki into her target's erogenous zones.

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  • Death Breath (デス・ブレス Desu Buresu?) – Snake Lady breathes a purple mist onto her opponent, petrifying them. Then, she uses Snake Poison, causing them to explode.

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  • “I see you want me as your friend, you've changed quite a lot.” (私を仲間にしようなんて、あなたも変わってるのね♪ Watashi wo nakama ni shiyou nante, anata mo kawatteru no ne♪?)
  • “Little girls are difficult to deal with, that's why it's so satisfying when I capture them.” (女の子って難しいわねぇ、だからこそ攻略しがいがあるんだけど♪ Onna no ko-tte muzukashī wa nee, dakara koso kōryaku shigai ga arundakedo♪?)

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