“We believe that humans are capable of much more, Darkwurm.”
The Supernova Dragon Siegwurm-Nova (超神星龍ジークヴルム・ノヴァ Chōshin Seiryū Jīkuvurumu-Nova?) is the great Dragon Star God of Light and one of two patron deities of the Superstar race and their planet Laniakea, alongside his dark counterpart Darkwurm-Nova.

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Siegwurm-Nova is a huge bipedal dragon with crimson-red scales.

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Siegwurm-Nova is a god of peace who prefers reasonable resolutions to conflict over violent conclusions, which is the opposite to Darkwurm-Nova's resolve. This is shown when he opposed Darkwurm's notion that Earth should be destroyed to end the Forbidden and eliminate the problem of Quasar Estes, believing there is another way to stop their enemies.

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