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Shiranui Mizuki (水城 不知火 Mizuki Shiranui?) is one of the main characters of the film Samurai Dragon Amatsu and the Lady in the Water and a supporting character of some of its sequels. She is the lover of the samurai Yukimura Katsuki and the mother of the Taimanin Yukikaze Mizuki.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shiranui is described as a caring and nurturing individual. She has a playful side to her as well, and frequently enjoys engaging in light teasing with her loved ones. Despite her playful personality, Shiranui took her job as a Taimanin very seriously. She chose to continue her profession as a Taimanin with husband even after they had their daughter, Yukikaze. After starting a family, Shiranui became a loving wife and mother to her husband and daughter. She also looked after the Akiyama sibling, Rinko and Tatsurou, who she treated like they were her own children, and they in turn view her as their honorary aunt. Shiranui maintained a very health work-life balance, never letting her responsibilities as a Taimanin get in the way of her family life. She would always keep her family informed of her day-to-day activities and even her Taimanin missions, which allowed them to realize that something was wrong shortly after she went on the fateful mission that would lead to her disappearance.

After being captured and brainwashed by Under Eden, Shiranui's personality changed drastically. Shiranui became nymphomaniac whose main desires are to please her masters and engage in debauchery. Her kind, playful personality was warped into becoming distant, sadistic. While in this state, Shiranui would frequently sport an "empty smile" lacking any of the warmth it once had, and often reacting to situations in cold indifference. Her lighthearted teasing changed to being more passive-aggressive, if not downright malicious. In her brainwashed stated, Shiranui attitude is described as almost to be like a act of her old self. She would attack her loved ones without hesitation or remorse if ordered to by her masters. The only time she would some any "true" affection is towards whoever is designated to be her "master" at the time, or if the people she once loved engages in the same life debauchery as her. To that end, the brainwashed Shiranui greatly desires to see both her biological daughter, Yukikaze, and surrogate daughter, Rinko, embrace a new life slavery under her masters. However, Shiranui would act unconcern if her "masters" deem her loved ones to be "failed" potential slaves.

After the defeat of Ryuuji Kuroi and his followers, Shiranui was able to return to her old self, and deeply regrets her actions while she was under their control.

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

Yukimura Katsuki[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shiranui is a very powerful Taimanin, having had entire decades of experience in combating opposing forces.

  • Master Spearmanship
  • Water Elemental Manipulation – Shiranui has the power to conjure and manipulate the movement of water at any time.
    • Ninja Arts - Water-Style Jutsu (忍法・光遁の術 Ninpō: Suiton no Jutsu?) – Her mother's side of the family inherit this power, which allow these certain Taimanin to control the flow of water for attacks, defense, healing and other purposes.
  • Healing
    • Chi Recovery – Her abilities can also be used to replenish one's chi.
  • Illusion Generation
  • Replication
    • Water-Style Jutsu - Phantom Illusion (水遁の術・幻影陣 Suiton no Jutsu: Geneijin?) – One of Shiranui's signature techniques, she can create copies of herself made out of entirely of water to fight on her behalf. Alternative, she can conjure several orbs of water that explode and release streams of healing energy that replenishes her and her allies' energy and chi.
  • Mecha Piloting – It is revealed in Tatsura vs. Hellbourne that Shiranui is able to pilot a powerful giant robot effectively in battle, when she controlled Tenmaou -Type The End-, while still disguised as a mysterious rubber woman. As of Kaiju World War: Part 2, she pilots her very own super robot and -Type The End's- stronger successor, -Type God-.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Spear Technique - Flash (槍術・閃光 Sōjutsu: Senkō?)
  • Water-Style Jutsu - Blister Bullets (水遁の術・水泡弾 Suiton no Jutsu: Suihōdan?)
  • Water-Style Jutsu - Phantom Prison (水遁の術・有幻獄 Suiton no Jutsu: Yūgengoku?)
  • Water-Style Jutsu - Droplets (水遁の術・雫 Suiton no Jutsu: Shizuku?)
  • Water-Style Jutsu - Illusive World (水遁の術・幻影世界 Suiton no Jutsu: Genei Sekai?)
  • Water-Style Jutsu - Bewitching Dance (水遁の術・妖艶舞踏 Suiton no Jutsu: Yōen Butō?) – Shiranui's strongest and finishing attack.
  • Phantom Bouquet Meteor (幻影のブーケメテオ Genei no Būkemeteo?) – While assuming the form of the Dark Bride, Shiranui can perform this technique as her alternate finishing attack. She throws her bouquet in the air, which disappears and then reappears in the sky, now with the size of meteor. The giant bouquets then descends on, collides with and wipes out enemies within range of impact.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “I am Shiranui Mizuki. Yukikaze's mother. I can't afford to lose Yukikaze.” (水城不知火よ。まだまだゆきかぜには負けないわ Mizuki Shiranui yo. Mada mada Yukikaze ni wa makenai wa.?)
  • “I am Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki, Yukikaze's mother. I have always been taking care of her.” (対魔忍、水城不知火、ゆきかぜの母よ。娘がいつもお世話になってるわね Taimanin, Mizuki Shiranui, Yukikaze no haha yo. Musume ga itsumo osewa ni natteru wa ne?)
  • “I'll help you out if you like.” (私なんかで良ければお手伝いするわ Watashi nanka de yokereba otetsudai suru wa?)
  • “Don't look down on me because I'm dressed this way. Shiranui Mizuki has arrived.” (こんな服装でも、侮らないことね。水城不知火、参ります Konna fukusō demo, anadoranai koto ne. Mizuki Shiranui, mairimasu?)
  • “-Chuckle- Thanks for waiting~♪ It's been a long time since I wore this swimsuit, so I might come off as unsightly and weird… What, you don't think so? Fufu, well, thank you~♪” (うふふ、お待たせ♪ 水着なんて久しぶりだから、少し見苦しいかもしれないわね……そんなことない? ふふっ、ありがとう♪ Ufufu, omata se♪ Mizugi nante hisashiburi dakara, sukoshi migurushī kamo shirenai wa ne…… sonna koto nai? Fufu~, arigatō♪?)
  • “I can't afford to lose Yukikaze.” (ゆきかぜには負けていられないわ Yukikaze ni wa makete irarenai wa?)
  • “I must become even stronger! To protect Yukikaze…” (もっと、もっと強く!ユキカゼを守るために Motto, motto tsuyoku! Yukikaze wo suru tame ni?)
  • “Doing my best, everyday!” (日々是精進、ね! Hibikoreshōjin, ne!?)
  • “Sometimes, it's nice to swim.” (たまには、泳ぐのもいいわね Tamani wa, oyogu no mo ii wa ne?)
  • “The Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki has arrived.” (対魔忍水城不知火。参ります Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki. mairimasu?)
  • “Let's start the mission. All right. Let's calm down and do this as usual.” (さぁ、任務開始よ。大丈夫。落ち着いていつも通りにやりなさい Saa, ninmu kaishi yo. Daijōbu. Ochitsuite itsumodōri ni yari nasai?)
  • “I'll show you my abilities after a long time.” (久々に私の実力、見せてあげる Hisabisa ni watashi no jitsuryoku, miseteageru?)
  • “Let's be cautious first! Then, quickly! And surely!!” (まずは慎重に!それでいて迅速に!かつ確実にっ!! Mazuwa shinchō ni! Soredeite jinsoku ni! Katsu kakujitsu ni!!?)
  • “My Water-Style Jutsu can be used in different ways. Let's do this. Water-Style Jutsu, Phantom Illusion.” (水遁の術にはこういった使い方もあるの。参ります。水遁の術・幻影陣 Suiton no jutsu ni wa kō itta tsukaikata mo aru no. Mairimasu. Suiton no Jutsu - Geneijin?)
  • “I'll fight, as the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki today.” (戦うわ。対魔忍不知火として Tatakau wa. Taimanin shiranui to shite?)
  • “I'll fight, as a wife and a mother!” (戦うわ。妻として、母として!?)
  • “I'll show you my strength! …Fufufu” (私の実力見せてあげる!…フフフ Watashi no jitsuryoku miseteageru!… Fufufu?)
  • “Here is my bouquet. If someone other than a future bride receives this, bad things will happen…” (ブーケって言うのはね。未来の花嫁以外が受け取ると大変なことが起こるわよ… Būke-tte iu no wa ne. Mirai no hanayome igai ga uketoru to taihen'na koto ga okoru wa yo…?) (Using Phantom Bouquet Meteor)
  • “Operation success. Let's go home, shall we?” (作戦成功。帰りましょうか? Sakusen seikō. Kaerimashou ka??)

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Character Art[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shiranui currently has the largest breasts among all the Taimanin, with a measurement of 112 cm.
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