“P-Please stop it! I-I'm unsuited for combat!”
—Shikanosuke Uehara

Shikanosuke Uehara (上原 鹿之助 Uehara Shikanosuke?) is one of the supporting characters of Kaiju World War: Parts 1 and 2. He is also an occasional ally who appears in Young Braves Brigade.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is a very short teenage student with a young feminine appearance that often makes him mistaken for a young boy or even girl. He has long brown hair and purple-and-pink-colored eyes. He also has a yellow hair clipping with a wing on the right side of his head.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shikanosuke is a beginner first-year student in the Gosha Academy who is the cousin is Rin Uehara, and a lightning-style jutsu user. Although it might seem like a flashy ninja art at first glance, it's different from a lightning-style jutsu that manipulates lightning. Since it's a ninja art that manipulates the small amount of electricity present in all life forms, its power amounts to nothing more than the static electricity in the winter season. Therefore, he is ridiculed as only being suited for duties that might require electrical work, as lightning-style jutsu users have an inherent resistance to electricity, to the point where he was called the "electric janitor". Even he himself has come to admit that his ninja art is one that isn't suited for battle.

Small enough to be mistaken for a grade-schooler, his fighting strength is among the lowest tier of Taimanin, but he holds within him a strong sense of justice that he would rather trade his life for than abandon. While running away screaming, that is.

Kaiju World War: Part 1[edit | edit source]

Kotaro and Hebiko see Shikanosuke whimpering and running away from a group of Taimanin grunts. He approaches the two and reveals that the people chasing him were attempting to kill him after he refused to join them.

Young Braves Brigade[edit | edit source]

Kaiju World War: Part 2[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shikanosuke is a timid and shy individual who comes off more or less a very reluctant fighter and dislikes battling, often fearing for his life, not helping his extremely amateurish skills as a Taimanin. He is often called a coward because of this. Nevertheless, he wants to fight for justice and use the best of his abilities to help anyone in the way he could, though at times he is inadequate in combat.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kotaro Fuuma[edit | edit source]

Hebiko Aishu[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

While Shikanosuke may not have an excellent fighting prowess compared to his peers in Gosha Academy, he can still prove to be a competent and capable fighter. Over time, he is able to improve on his abilities and catch up on his friends and their level of skills.

  • Amateur to Professional Shuriken Handling - While he is able to throw shurikens and hit his opponents at the right trajectory, he still yet had to master the art of throwing shuriken projectiles at the proper direction and velocity at his opponents. He improved over time.
  • Ninja Arts: Lightning-Style Jutsu (忍法・電遁の術 Ninpō: Denton no Jutsu?) – Usually considered to be a part of the nature system of ninja arts, but the Lightning-style Jutsu use the chi particles present within the body, converting them into electrical energy, and actually belong to the unusual power system of ninja arts, originating from the Underworld a few thousands of years ago. Also, according to some legends, former historical lightning-style jutsu users were said to be able to electrocute one thousand armored warriors at once with their strong electrical energy.
    • Lightning-Style Jutsu: Sonar (電遁の術 “ソナー” Denton no Jutsu: Sonā?)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Lightning-Style Jutsu: Spark (電遁の術 “スパーク” Denton no Jutsu: Supāku?)
  • Lightning-Style Jutsu: Multi-Spark (電遁の術 “マルチスパーク” Denton no Jutsu: Maruchi Supāku?)
  • Lightning-Style Jutsu: Bambi (電遁の術 “バンビ” Denton no Jutsu: Banbi?) – Shikanosuke's finishing move, he conjures two giant chihuahuas made up entirely of electricity.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “Taimanin of justice, Shikanosuke Uehara reporting for duty! What's up, let's do our best together!” (正義の対魔忍、上原鹿之助推参! なんちゃってな、一緒に頑張ろうぜ! Seigi no Taimanin, Uehara Shikanosuke suizan! Nanchatte na, issho ni ganbarou ze!?)

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