Saron Lucifer (サロン・ルシファー Saron Rushifā?) was one of the Four Great Demon Lords that governed and maintained the order of the Underworld. He served as the High Consul of the Underworld Commonwealth and the Chief of Domestic Affairs, as well as the King of the Rofocale Kingdom, a member-state of Commonwealth.

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Born the eldest son of the widowed Shomer Beleth, Saron was the heir of the Berith Clan prior to ascension as the Satan Lucifer of the Four Great Demon Lords, King of Rofocale and High Minister of the Underworld Commonwealth.

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  • Saron's first name stems from Satan's original Hebrew/Yiddish term sâtan (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן‎) which reads the Greek name "Sáron" (Greek: Σάρον).
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