“Eh, what? I'm not drunk. ~Hic~”

Sana Kozuki (上月 佐那 Kōdzuki Sana?) is a Taimanin swordswoman who first appeared in Kaiju World War: Part 1. She is both well-respected and notorious for being a delinquent Taimanin who draws great strength from being drunk.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sana is a young carefree and happy-go-lucky woman who just does whatever she wants to do and has a very rebellious attitude that deviates from the norm of many Taimanin. While she is full of talent, she has a tendency to dislike sober efforts. She is actually a serious person who makes several times more effort than ordinary people. She thinks the figure of working hard is "uncool", so she has a strong image of a player. Her hobbies are using pachinko slot machines, betting on horse racing, going to tanning salons and engaging in alcohol and cigarettes. She becomes a sweet girl when she drinks. She often plays a pachislot in a jersey while she is off duty.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kaiju World War: Part 1[edit | edit source]

She was a student in Gosha Academy who was taught by Rinko Akiyama in the sword art of the Lost Sword Style before having recently graduated. Her favorite drink is the Lilith Super Strong (リリス・スーパーストロング Ririsu Sūpā Sutorongu?) energy beer. She is often treated as having a negative impact on young people, but she is also respected by her seniors because of her skill.

Taigaia vs. Senryuukaku[edit | edit source]

Kaiju World War: Part 2[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Sana is well-known for her expert abilities as a Taimanin, which makes her a very strong fighter that makes enemies fear to her presence.

  • Magi physiology / Extreme chi sensitivity
  • Superhuman agility
  • Ninja Arts: Drinking-Style Jutsu (忍法・酒遁の術 Ninpō: Shuton no Jutsu?) – A rather unusual ninjutsu, where the user, in this case Sana, draws power from drinking alcoholic beverages or being drunk.
  • Master swordsmanship – She is also skilled in using the sword in combat and an expert in the {{Lost Sword Style,|逸刀流|Ittōryū}} that one of her fellow alumni Rinko Akiyama christens.

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Sana's primary weapon is a large blade called the Bewitched Sword Kongo Kikoku. (妖刀・金剛鬼哭 Yōtō Kongō Kikoku?) Its creator and original holder was a warlord from the Underworld who was defeated in the early Edo period and passed to the hands of Japanese Taimanin. The sword was unusually sharp and attracted many people and was long sealed as a bewitched sword. The power of the sword strengthens "the sharpness" of itself, and the more power the user uses, the sharper it becomes. Even if a regular person shakes a sword, it cuts air and creates a vacuum blade. If used by skilled masters in the handling of bewitched swords and cursed swords, they can cut particles and erase "the existence" of objects touched by the point. It is said that if use a special power amplifier (the sheath of a bewitched sword "Kongo") developed by the Taimanin, it will cut space-time, but its real value is unknown.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Kongou Kikoku: Vacuum (金剛鬼哭・真空 Kongō Kikoku: Shinkū?)
  • Drinking-Style Jutsu: Strong Style (酒遁の術 “ストロングスタイル” Shuton no Jutsu: Sutorongu Sutairu?)
  • Lost Sword Style Jutsu: Cleaving the Demon and the Sky (逸刀流奥義・斬空切鬼ノ太刀 Ittōryū Jutsu - Zankū Zanki no Tachi?) – Also called the Dimensional Cut (次元斬 Jigenzan?). A powerful blow that cuts both demon and space together, it is an extremely strong extra-dimensional technique that can only be achieved by temporarily returning the sword to an amplifier (sheath) to accumulate power and making full use of the skills and aura of the top-class swordsman. The attack can cut through space, ignore the defense and slay the opponent. The surrounding space is also cut, so the execution of the technique requires the best care.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “…Woah! You're here. I'm Sana Kozuki. Anyway, how about a welcoming sign?” (……ぷっはーッ!キタねコレ。アタシ、上月佐那ってんだ。とりあえずまあお近づきの印に一杯どうだ? ……Puwwaaa-! Kita ne kore. Atashi, Kōdzuki Sana-ttenda. Toriaezu mā o chikadzuki no shirushi ni ippai dōda??)
  • “Eh, what? I'm not drunk. ~Hic~” (えー、なになに?ううん酔ってないっての~。ヒック Eh, nani nani? Uun yotte naitte no~. Hikku?)
  • “Wooaah!! Noon drinking is THE BEST!” (ぷっはーッ!!昼から飲むのってサイコー! Puwwaaa-!! Hiru kara nomu notte saikō!?)
  • “Ah, my head is funny… No, this is just the usual usual. Completely normal. I'm oookay, I'm okay!” (あー、頭ガンガンする……いやいやこれは普通ふつー。普段通りだって。だいじょーぶ大丈夫ぅ! Aaa, atama gangan suru… iyaiya kore wa futsū futsuuu. Fudan tōri datte. Daijioooobu daijōbu ~!?)
  • “Sometimes, I like that flow coming from you, you know.” (たまにはこういうのもいいねえ。風流ってヤツだ Tamani wa kō iu no mo ii nee. Fūryūtte Yatsuda?)
  • “Hehehe, can we have a toast to this one~?” (へっへへ、これは祝杯を上げなきゃだな~? Hehhehe, kore wa shukuhai o agenakya da na~??)
  • “Huh? I'm still good to goooo~” (へぇ~?アタシもまだまだイケるってワケだぁ Hee~? Atashi mo madamada ikerutte wake daa?)
  • “Wha- huh, how did I get so strong?” (おやおや、こんなに強くなっていいのかね~? Oya oya, konnani tsuyoku natte ii no ka ne ~??)

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