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“Hehehe~ The star of the night came up a bit late today, am I right? Anyway, Sakura Igawa has arrived! Let the teacher handle this, m'kay~♪”

Sakura Igawa (井河 さくら Igawa Sakura?) is one of the major characters of the Mahou Kaiju Series, making her first appearance in Anti-Demon Kaiju Taigaia as the sister of Asagi Igawa and playing a more important role in Senryuukaku vs. Mudou as the girlfriend of Ryuunosuke Shirogane.




Anti-Demon Kaiju Taigaia[]

Senryuukaku vs. Mudou[]

The Goddamn Samurai[]

Kaiju World War: Part 1[]

Taigaia vs. Senryuukaku[]

Kaiju World War: Part 2[]


Ryuunosuke Shirogane[]

Ryuunosuke is Sakura's boyfriend.

Asagi Igawa[]

Asagi is Sakura's older sister.

Murasaki Yatsu[]

At times, Sakura had a crush with her combat partner Murasaki Yatsu.

Mei Merryhadda[]

Years prior to the Taigaia vs. Senryuukaku, Sakura and Ryuunosuke had conceived a baby son but they feared that their enemies could use their child as a pawn or a tool to bring the Taimanin couple to their disadvantage. Therefore, heartbroken knowing they can't be with him and had to do this, they secretly gave away their baby to the Justice Alliance in the hopes that he will be safe. The baby would be adopted and raised by Sandrat Gima and named Mei Merryhadda.


Sakura as Asmodian Empress

As a Taimanin and a sister to Asagi, she is a formidable combat-capable fighter.

  • Magi physiology/Sensitivity to mana – As a Magi human, her biological functions allows chi to enter her body and herself to cast supernatural abilities
  • Supernatural speed
  • Supernatural agility
  • Shadow projection
    • Ninja Art - Shadow-Style Jutsu (忍法・影遁の術 Ninpō: Eiton no Jutsu?) – An unusual power system of ninja art, this allows Sakura to hide herself within the shadows of people and things, as well as move from one shadow to another in an instant. Furthermore, she is able to hide things such as weapons within her own shadow.
    • Shadowmorphosis (天真影傑 Tenshin Eiketsu?)


  • Shadowbomb (影爆弾 Kagebakudan?)
  • Shadowbomb - Fireworks (影爆弾・花火 Kagebakudan - Hanabi?)
  • Shadow-Style - Shadow Turbulence (影遁・影乱波 Eiton - Kagenranha?)


  • “Hehehe~ The star of the night came up a bit late today, am I right? Anyway, Sakura Igawa has arrived! Let the teacher handle this, m'kay~♪” (ふっふっふ~、真打は遅れて登場するんだよねぇ?井河さくら、ただいま見参!さくら先生に、まっかせなさ~い♪ Fuffuffu~, shinuchi wa okurete tōjō surunda yo nee? Igawa Sakura, tadaima kenzan! Sakura-sensei ni, makkase nasai~♪?)
  • “I won't give you a hint which here is the real me~. HYAAAH! Over there! Finisher Ninja Arts! Shadow-Style Jutsu!! Hehehe.” (どれが本物の私か、簡単には見切らせてあげないよ〜。とりゃっ!そこっ!必殺忍法、影遁の術!!…ふっふっふ〜 Dore ga honmono no watashi ka, kantan ni wa mikira sete agenai yo~. Toryaa! Soko! Hissatsu Ninpō! Eiton no Jutsu!! …Fuffuffu~?)


Character Art[]