The Super Combined Machine-God Saigord-Zetsu (超合体機神サイゴード・ゼツ Chō Gattai Kishin Saigōdo-Zetsu?) is the ultimate super robot. A product of the Earth Defense Force and Gosha Academy's collaboration to create an anti-kaiju mecha, it is the upgraded model of Saigord-Golem, as the combination of its components Z-1, Z-2 and Z-3 and the personal super robot of the Taimainin Rinko Akiyama.

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Saigord-Zetsu and Zephyrus, armed with the Z-DYNA, combined for the first time to form the ultra-powerful Dyna-Saigord-Zetsu and barely yet successful destroyed Dark Quasar Estes.

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As a Super Robot, Saigord-Zetsu displays impressive feats of abilities in strength, combat, energy prowess and firepower that are beyond mankind's technology and are unlike any other from giant robots made before it.

  • Finger Missiles -
  • Meteor Fist -
  • Ultimate Combination (究極合体 Kyūkyoku Gattai?) - Using Rinko and Zark Albatrosa's mana link, they can combine the Armed Zephyrus, Zark's kaiju form enhanced by the Z-DYNA aircraft, with the Saigord-Zetsu to form the Dyna-Saigord-Zetsu.

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The Ultimate Combined Machine-God Saigord-Zetsu (究極合体機神ダイナ・サイゴード・ゼツ Kyūkyoku Gattai Kishin Daina-Saigōdo-Zetsu?) is the true and final unleashed power of the Saigord-Zetsu. True to its name, its strength and abilities are living proof that it is the most powerful super robot that has ever existed. It is the combination of Saigord-Zetsu and Armed Zephyrus.

It fought only thrice through the Mahou Kaiju Series, during Kaiju World War: Part 2; first time against Quasar Estes, the second during the Dark Gods on Earth and the last in the final battle against Quasarmageddon Chaos.

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