“Light is the foundation of life on Earth. By embracing the light, I walk into the path of righteousness and kindness.”
Ryuunosuke Shirogane (白銀 龍之介 Shirogane Ryūnosuke?) is one of the major characters of the Mahou Kaiju Series, making his first appearance in Senryuukaku vs. Mudou. He is the love interest and boyfriend of Sakura Igawa. One of the most powerful and skilled Taimanin, he has the ability to transform into the white dragon kaiju of light, Senryuukaku.

Appearance Edit

Ryunosuke is a tall handsome man with blue eyes, long bluish-white hair that extends to the back of his upper torso with a ponytail and a light skin-tone. His default civilian uniform is a white-and-gray haori-like buttoned up coat with yellow lining and buttons, with a black tanktop underneath, white fingerless gloves, white pants and silver leather shoes. He often wears glasses and a white headband.

Personality Edit

Ryuunosuke Shirogane is a man of peace with a very polite and gentleman-like demeanor. While he is a Taimanin, working for the justice of others, fighting and punishing evil-doers, he believes that life is the foundation of Earth itself and all living beings are sacred. His overwhelming kindness and mercy for everyone, both ally and enemy, and refusal to kill is what makes him one of the most unique among other Taimanin other than his extremely powerful abilities. He also displays that great kindness to even people who has disdain for him, such as when he earned Kousuke Sawaki's friendship, even though at the time, Kousuke hated the Taimanin for his brother's death, and quickly grew to become a big brother figure to him.

While he is generally kind and graceful in even dire situations, being around his girlfriend Sakura Igawa is a different story. Every time he is around her, he turns into a somewhat bashful idiot, often getting embarrassed whenever she talks about him or they're with other people. According to Sakura, Ryuunosuke is "great in bed". As her lover, he genuinely wants to please her and make her happy the same way she does, to the point where even his generally calm personality can be ignored whenever his friends are threatened, especially if Sakura gets hurt or insulted.

Background Edit

Senryuukaku vs. Mudou Edit

Ryuunosuke came from a lineage that originated centuries ago from a Buddhist family marrying to a Taimanin clan of light elemental users in the Echigo province, where his birth-city of Niigata would be founded. His parents were killed by NOMAD demons during an expedition in the Underworld. As such, he was trained at an age of nine to be a powerful ninja in the battlefield. His learning of Buddhist principles in his childhood was what would shape his pacifistic viewpoints as a Taimanin.

At this point, Ryunosuke became one of the most well-known and powerful Taimanin around, with his abilities revolving from iron wall defense to purification, his flawlessly elaborate combats movements and reputation of mercy and refusal to kill, earning his nickname the "White-Winged God of War" (白き翼の軍神 Shiroki tsubasa no gunshin?).

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Relationships Edit

Sakura Igawa Edit

Sakura is Ryuunosuke's girlfriend. She often fights alongside him as his partner in battle.

Kousuke Sawaki Edit

Kousuke and Ryunosuke share a common bond as best friends and partners in combat.

Mei Merryhadda Edit

Years prior to the Taigaia vs. Senryuukaku, Ryunosuke and Sakura had conceived a baby son but they feared that their enemies could use their child as a pawn or a tool to bring the Taimanin couple to their disadvantage. Therefore, heartbroken knowing they can't be with him and had to do this, they secretly gave away their baby to the Justice Alliance in the hopes that he will be safe. The baby would be adopted and raised by Sandrat Gima and named Mei Merryhadda.

Nao Homare Edit

As his fellow student, Ryuunosuke shows very favorable views towards the Laser Taimanin Nao Homare.

Abilities Edit

As his title "Taimanin of Light" implies, his abilities mostly revolves around defensive skills, light manipulation and holy powers.

  • Magi physiology/Sensitivity to mana – 
  • Healing
  • Purification
  • Lightning-fast agility
  • Light manipulation
    • Ninja Art - Light-Style Jutsu (忍法・光遁の術 Ninpō: Kōton no Jutsu?)
    • Light energy attacks
  • Darkness dispel
  • Power Lock – Using one of his techniques, Ryuunosuke can temporarily disable the powers or lock the use of mana of his enemies. He can also disable his opponents' powers while they are inside of spheres summoned by his ultimate technique, the Light Sphere Holy Seal.
  • Protection – He can magically cast force fields that not only protects himself and those within it, but also partially burn off demons and enemy monsters that come in contact with it.
  • Seal – Instead finishing off his opponents by force, Ryuu's signature non-lethal finisher is the Light Sphere Holy Seal. With this, he can seal his opponents inside a glowing sphere of light and send them back to their place of origin where they would never be an imminent threat again.
  • Kaiju transformation – He can transform into his massive kaiju form Senryuukaku. As the dragon kaiju, all of Ryuunosuke's abilities as a Taimanin are magnified.

Attacks Edit

  • Light-Style Jutsu - Power Lock (光遁の術・力閉 Kōton no Jutsu: Rikihei?) – Ryuunosuke opens his right hand and releases a bright flash of light for a second. Demons or Underworld creatures who are exposed to that light have their powers rendered useless for an amount of time. This technique doesn't work on regular humans, angels or aliens.
  • Light-Style Jutsu Ultimate Technique - Thousand Lights of the Heavenly Realm (光遁の術・究極奥義:天界千光 Kōton no Jutsu: Kyūkyoku Ōgi - Tenkai Senkō?) – One of Ryunosuke's most powerful attacks, he floats into the sky and white wings appear from his back as he prepares the technique. Clouds are parted and form a large hole in the sky underneath his opponents. With Ryuunosuke's prompting, an endless barrage of pure light projectiles rain onto the enemies before a huge ray illuminates from the heavens down onto them to wipe them out.
  • Light-Style Jutsu End Technique - Light Sphere Holy Seal (光遁の術・終焉奥義:光球聖封印 Kōton no Jutsu: Shūen Ōgi - Kōkyū Seifūin?) – Ryuunosuke's non-lethal finishing move, he concentrates a massive amount of chi within his body to perform the most powerful Light-Style Jutsu technique. The entire area within the three-mile radius glows in blinding radiant light, both from the sky and ground. Ryuu summons spheres of light to imprison his enemies with the area and shrink them with these spheres. The enemies are also stripped of their powers while inside. The spheres then fly away to different places, whether it is returning demons into the Underworld or sending human criminals to high-security prison facilities.

Quotes Edit

  • “Follow the will of Heaven.” (天の意志に従いましょう。 Ten no ishi ni shitagai mashou.?)
  • “Light is the foundation of life on Earth. By embracing that light, I walk into the path of righteousness and kindness. The darkness in your heart is what's plaguing you, Sabato Kiryuu, and I will purify you, by purging that darkness from yourself!” (光は地球上命の基盤であり。その光を受け入れることによって、私は正義と親切の道に歩き方します。心に闇は、桐生佐馬斗、あなたを疫癘せているもので、その闇を粛清することによって、私が浄化します! Hikari wa chikyū-jō inochi no kibandeari. Sono hikari o ukeireru koto ni yotte, watashi wa seigi to shinsetsu no michi ni arukkata shimasu. Kokoro ni yami wa, Kiryuu Sabato, anata o ekirei sete iru mono de, sono yami wo shukusei suru koto ni yotte, watashi ga jōka shimasu!?)
  • “O Heaven and Earth, white light, unfold your grand wings in the darkness and become the power that shines through the chaos! Now come forth, my true form! Kaiju Transformation! White Dragon of Light Senryuukaku!!” (天よ地よ、白き光よ、その大いなる翼を闇に広げよ、混沌を照らす力となれ!いざ参る、我が真の姿を!怪獣変身!白光天龍センリュウカク!! Ten yo chi yo, shiroki hikari yo, sono ōinaru tsubasa o yami ni hirogeyo, konton wo terasu chikara to nare! Iza mairu, waga shin no sugata wo! Kaijū henshin! Hakkō Tenryū Senryuukaku!!?)
  • “Great white wings that lead to the heavens. I return my soul to the sky in order to win. Light-Style Jutsu, End Techinque… Light Sphere Holy Seal! Evil one/s, return to the place from which you were born.” (天の導く、大いなる白き輝きよ。勝利のため我が魂を天に返します。光遁の術、終焉奥義……光球聖封印!悪しき者(達)よ、生まれ出でたる源に還りなさい Ten no michibiku, ōinaru shiroki kagayaki yo. Shōri no tame waga tamashī o ten ni kaeshimasu. Kōton no Jutsu, Shūen Ōgi… Kōkyū Seifūin! Ashiki mono(-tachi) yo, umare idetaru minamoto ni kaeri nasai?)

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  • Ryunosuke's powers and abilities are akin to those of a paladin, a hero-class that is associated with divinity and holiness in RPG games.
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