“Humans. That is their problem.”
—Ryuuji Kuroi
Ryuuji Kuroi (黒井 竜司 Kuroi Ryūji?) is introduced as a student of the Hijiri Osamu Academy and the son of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshima Kuroi, his real identity being Darius. In reality, he is the true mastermind behind all of the events and the consequences that dwelled throughout the Neo-Sengoku Trilogy. Because of these revelations about him, Ryuuji would become a frequent antagonist throughout the Kaiju World War Arc and one of the most dangerous and powerful adversaries of the Mahou Kaiju Series.

His true identity is the Forbidden God Doakudar.

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In his human form, Ryuuji is a tall attractive man with dark skin, silver hair that reaches up to his neck and reddish-brown eyes.

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In contrast to his attractive appearance, Ryuuji is a very rude and disrespectful person who demands and gets what he wants. He is also possessive of women, when it is shown that he wants to have Rinko all for herself. Despite being a delinquent, Ryuji is part of the scholarship department, which was only reserved for students who had done exceptionally well on their academics. Many assume Ryuuji got in because he was apparently related to the headmaster, but that is far from the truth.

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Ryuuji is introduced as a third-year student at the Hijiri Osamu Academy, who is a part of the scholarship department. He is stated to be a delinquent and is apparently related to the school's headmaster, Shigeru Washizu. During the events of the film, Rinko Akiyama, as part of her and Yukikaze's mission, was assigned to be his maid, as students from the scholarship department are given a maid or a butler.

After the defeat of Darius, it was revealed to the heroes that he has been the one controlling Nobunaga Oda, Muneichi Yazaki, Real, Shigeru and Darius' actions. He was the one who resurrected Nobunaga over a decade ago, commissioned Yazaki and Real to cause Shiranui's disappearance, has kept the woman as his personal slave after they failed him and ultimately drove the already-chaotic "Neo-Sengoku Era" out of control. It comes as no wonder at this point why Ryuuji is able to get away with so much, like taking advantage of his father's position as Prime Minister and using that to surpass Shigeru as the actual boss of the campus, and still keep himself hidden. After a brief yet difficult battle against him, Ryuuji escapes, with Tatsurou, Yukikaze and the others vowing to make the monster pay for his crimes. In the film's post-credits scene, he meets up with a woman and apparently forges an alliance with her, while preparing to awaken a sleeping giant.

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