Ryouki Yamagoto (山毎 亮帰 Yamagoto Ryōki?) is a character of the Mahou Kaiju Series who was introduced as the ex-boyfriend of Lily Ramses Futaba and the anti-villain of the 2020 film Gamera vs. Gamera: Rise of Legion.

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Ryouki has scarlet eyes and light purple hair. He wears an elaborate, monster-like black and silver armor. He has silver horns, and wears a red and purple cape. He also has a red mark that covers the scar that occupies the space around his right eye.

As the Spectre, he develops a white muscular body and wears only a green underwear, gloves, boots and cape with a hood. He retains his red mark over his right eye.

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Ryouki is a very serious and strict man who displays no mercy to his enemies and would destroy anything that gets in his way. He is sadistic to some extent, as he enjoys bringing others into a state of despair. He also has racist ideals against humans in favor of the Magi race, since he believes that the Magi are the true rulers of the surface world and successors of the human race, and resents mankind and their faults, to the point of even shouting in anger his suggesting of a worldwide genocide against all of humanity. However, in addition, he worries for the safety of Earth and the risk of a war between the surface realm and the Underworld, and would do anything to prevent a worse conflict.

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  • Extreme mana sensitivity - As a rare breed of Magi, Ryouki's physical responses to mana is much more sensitive, allowing him to absorb more of it for energy and becoming much more powerful than an average Magi.
  • Kaiju transformation - Through the Necronomicon, Ryouki is able to transform into the dark dragonic kaiju Ourovorius.
    • Shining Trapezohedron - Ryouki potentially has the power to harness time and space through the jewel and become extremely powerful in the process.

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  • “Emerge from the depths of darkness, purple-robed dragon emperor…! Kaiju Transformation! The Dark Dragon God of Conviction Ourovorius!!” (暗く、深き闇より来たれ、紫を纏いし龍皇よ・・・!怪獣変身!辰断邪神ウロヴォリアス!! Kuraku, fukaki yami yori kitare, murasaki o matoishi ryūō yo…! Kaijū henshin! Tatsudanjashin Urovoriasu!!?)
  • “Witness… your own death.” (見えるぞ・・・お前の死が Mieru zo… omae no shi ga?)
  • “I will crush you.” (お前を壊してやる・・・ Omae o kowashite yaru?)
  • “Expand, Poison Fang.” (伸びよ、毒牙 Nobi yo, dokuga?)
  • “Show me… your power!” (見せてみろ・・・お前の力を! Misete miro… omae no chikara o!?)
  • “This existence… shall be extinguished.” (その存在を・・・抹消してやる Sono sonzai o… masshō shite yaru?)
  • “Dance with the feathers of obsidian… in the soliloquy of death.” (黒い羽根と共に・・・死の舞いを舞うがいい Kuroi hane to tomo ni… shi no mai o mau ga ii?)
  • “Spellbind Shower, simultaneous fire.” (呪縛俄雨、一斉発射 Jubaku gau, issei hassha?)
  • “This attack shall send you to oblivion.” (この一撃で、冥界へ行け Kono ichigeki de, meikai e ike?)
  • “Axion Beam, fire!” (アキシオン・ビーム、発射! Akishion bīmu, hassha!?)
  • “Take a glimpse of the flow of time… Unleash, Shining Trapezohedron!” (時の流れを垣間見よ・・・解き放て、シャイニング・トラペゾヘドロン! Toki no nagare o kaimami yo… Tokihanate, Shainingu Torapezohedoron!?)
  • “With this blow, you shall return to nothingness…!” (この一撃で、貴様は無に帰するのだ・・・! Kono ichigeki de, kisama wa mu ni kaesuru no da…!?)
  • “Now, return to nothingness…! Shining Trapezohedron!!” (さあ、虚無へ帰れ・・・!シャイニング・トラペゾヘドロン!! Saa, kyomu e kaere…! Shainingu Torapezohedoron!!?)
  • “Your suffering ceases… Shining Trapezohedron, release!” (もう苦しむ必要はない・・・。シャイニング・トラペゾヘドロン、解放! Mō kurushimu hitsuyō wanai… Shainingu Torapezohedoron, kaihō!?)
  • “Redeash… on my presence!” (あがけ・・・俺の目の前で! Agake… ore no menomaede!?)
  • “Now, show me your power!” (さあ見せろ・・・お前の力を! Saa misero… omae no chikara o!?)
  • “If you don't want to die… try to resist.” (死にたくなければ・・・抵抗してみせろ Shinitaku nakereba… teikō shite misero?)
  • “Send a curse upon my enemies, Spellbind.” (我が敵を両断せよ、呪縛 Waga teki o ryōdan seyo, jubaku?)

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