“Me, join your force? Sorry, but I don't intend on working with anyone other than Yukikaze.”

Rinko Akiyama (秋山 凜子 Akiyama Rinko?) is one of the main characters of Kaiju of Retribution Tatsura and Tatsura vs. Hellbourne. She is the elder sister of Tatsurou Akiyama, the current head of her family and the best friend of fellow Taimanin Yukikaze Mizuki.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rinko is a very beautiful woman with a very curvaceous and erotic body coupled with a huge pair of breasts. She has very long blue hair that reaches even to the back of her knees and magenta eyes. Her Taimanin suit is a purple bodysuit with gold accents on the clothes' edges, golden pasties on the tips of her breasts, an opening on the middle of her bust, silver armored gauntlets and leggings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rinko is described as an honorable, serious, and diligent individual. Like with most Taimanin, Rinko possesses a strong sense of justice and an intense hatred toward evil men like the slave trader Zokuto, the corrupt politician Yazaki, and the brothel operator Real. Compare to her best friend Yukikaze, Rinko is more capable of keeping a collected composure in extreme situations and is better at hiding her emotions. Her calm personality sometimes falters when her large breasts are the subject to ridicule by her enemies. Despite the mature image that she projects, Rinko can be rather naive due to her lack of experience, a trait she shares with Yukikaze. Her naivete is best demonstrated during her mission to infiltrate Yomihara when she is tricked by Zokuto into letting herself be sold into sex slavery for real instead of simply disguising herself as a prostitute like originally planned. Even after realizing that she had been tricked, Rinko still decides to continue her search for Shiranui, even though most Taimanin would have aborted the mission after the mishap. Due to her strong desire to rescue Shiranui and her stubbornness, Rinko is willing to go so far as to give false reports to her superiors to keep the dangerous mission ongoing.

Rinko's biggest defining trait is her loyalty to who she considers the four most important people in her life: her brother Tatsurou, best friend Yukikaze, honorary aunt, Shiranui and her eventual boyfriend, Zark Albatrosa. She is willing to go to great length for their sake, and is willing to suffer all kind demeaning acts during her time as sex slave for Under Eden if it means saving her best friend's mother, or work as Ryuuji Kuroi's maid to fulfill that mission or at the very least spare Zark.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kaiju of Retribution Tatsura[edit | edit source]

She is a third-year student in the Gosha Academy. During the movie, Rinko and her best friend took part in the "Matoi Mission", a rescue mission to save Shiranui Mizuki. The mission has given by the Japanese Government after reports came in that there were recent sighting of Shiranui in Yomihara. The plan for the mission was to have the recently captured Slaver, Zokuto, smuggle two female Taimanin past Yomihara's borders. The Taimanin would pretend to be Zokuto's prisoners. Once in Yomihara, Zokuto would sell the Taimanin to a brothel. Supposedly, Zokuto made arrangements with the brothel's owner so the Taimanin would only have to "act" like prostitutes but be given the freedom to investigate. In exchange for his help, Zokuto was offered amnesty for his crimes. It was disclosed that the Taimanin might have to service some customers in order to keep their cover. There would limited contact with Gosha Academy during the mission and the Taimanin would have to rely on Zokuto as their main form of communication. Thus Rinko and Yukikaze began their mission.

Tatsura vs. Hellbourne[edit | edit source]

When the pilot of Saigord-Golem, a Super Robot built by the academy, was killed, Rinko took over taking control of the mecha.

By the end of the movie, Rinko and Zark start dating.

Kaiju World War: Part 1[edit | edit source]

Rinko in her pilot suit

After Saigord-Golem's destruction, Rinko was offered the chance to become the pilot of the new mecha built by the Earth Defense Force: the Saigord-Zetsu, the upgraded and more powerful variant of Saigord-Golem.

Taigaia vs. Senryuukaku[edit | edit source]

Kaiju World War: Part 2[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tatsurou Akiyama[edit | edit source]

Tatsurou is Rinko's younger brother. Rinko loves her brother dearly and openly shows affection towards him. A few characters have called Rinko a "brocon" due to her adoration for her brother, which Rinko would deny. She occasionally like to playfully tease Tatasurou. Rinko often encourage Tatsurou to have more confidence in himself as a Taimanin and in his relationship with Yukikaze. Rinko fully supports Tatsurou relationship with Yukikaze and often tells him to act more manly around his girlfriend.

Tatsurou also loves his sister greatly. However, Tatsurou has admit a big contributor to his self-doubt comes from his own abilities being constantly compared to Rinko's. Tatsurou does not believe that he will ever be able to surpass his sister in terms of ninjutsu. He sees himself as unworthy to be the next head of the Akiyama household (a position that is normally given to the first born son of the Akiyama family), and considers letting his sister take over the position as its first matriarch. Despite this, Rinko believes in her brother's abilities and has become his personal kendo instructor in help him improve his swordsmanship.

Tatsurou will do anything for his sister. When the Evil Universe version of Rinko betrayed him, Tatsurou was left in a deep depression due to his sister's action and his failure to save Yukikaze. He went as far disowning his sister for what she has done. However, over time he realized the he still had a strong desire to save his sister from her dark fate, even if it did falter at first. After some convincing from Yukimaru Katsuki, Tatsurou agreed to go on a time traveling mission with him to change Rinko and Yukikaze's destinies.

Yukikaze Mizuki[edit | edit source]

Rinko and Yukikaze displaying their sisterly bond.

Yukikaze is Rinko's best friend from childhood. Rinko regards Yukikaze as the little sister that she always wanted and loves her as such. Yukikaze in turn views Rinko as an older sister. Yukikaze was Rinko's first kiss outside of family. When Rinko was a little girl, she caught Yukikaze and Tatsurou sharing their first kiss. Feeling left out, Rinko demands that her best friend and brother also give her a kiss as well. However, since the two were only little kids that didn't fully understand the significance of kissing, neither Yukikaze or Rinko considered the kiss they shared as a "true kiss". Rinko and Yukikaze continued to remain close friend even after they reach adulthood. They trained together at Gosha Academy. The two women were able to make a reputation for themselves relatively early in their careers as Taimanin, and prove to be a formidable team. Rinko is willing to do anything for Yukikaze's sake. She volunteered for the Matoi Mission to find Shiranui mainly out of her desire to help Yukikaze reunite with her mother. Even after the mission was cancel early after the realization that it was set up, Rinko continue to help Yukikaze search for Shirnaui. Rinko also fully supports Yukikaze's relationship with her brother Tatsurou, and believes that their "first time" should be done with each other. When Rinko and Yukikaze were sent out on the Matoi Mission, Rinko continuously reassures Yukikaze that no matter what happen, Tatsurou would always love her.

Shiranui Mizuki[edit | edit source]

Rinko views Shiranui as an honorary aunt and addresses her as "Auntie Shiranui". Before her disappearance, Shiranui treated Rinko like she was a member of her family, not just as surrogate niece, but sometimes like a second daughter. It is due to their close relationship that Rinko is almost just as determined as Yukikaze to find Shiranui.

Real[edit | edit source]

Rinko in Real's thralldom

Rinko despised Real even before official meeting him due to his occupation as an owner to a brothel that kidnaps women and forces them to prostitute themselves. Her hatred for him only grew after meeting Real in person and seeing what a sadistic monster he is. Although Rinko is able to keep a level-head when interacting with Real, she makes her dislike for him known. Rinko has contemplated killing Real should the opportunity presents itself. Real wants to get revenge on Rinko for what she and Yukikaze did to his brother, Yazaki, during the Skyscraper mission. Real sees Rinko as lust object and desires to sexual torture and humiliate the Taimanin. While Rinko has the slave mark placed on her, he finds Rinko's small act of defiance towards him to be amusing, knowing she can't but up greater resistance against him. Due to Real's physical attraction toward Rinko and her spunky attitude toward him, Real plan to dominate Rinko until she becomes "his woman". Although Real wants to keep Rinko in his thralldom, he is pragmatic enough to not put his own life in danger to keep her enslaved. When Asagi and Sakura coerced Real into releasing Rinko and Yukikaze in exchange for his life, he reluctantly agrees, stating that he does not want to loss his life for two "idiots".

Muneichi Yazaki[edit | edit source]

Rinko and Yukikaze's first meeting with Yazaki.

Rinko absolutely loathes Yazaki, although she is better at hiding her disgust than Yukikaze. During the Skyscraper mission, Rinko and Yukikaze stop a deal that Yazaki was trying to make with a group of demons. The Taimanin killed off all the demons that were present before briefly interrogating the corrupt politician. The Taimanin were ordered to let Yazaki live due to his position as the Chief Secretary of the ruling party in Japan. Despite the order, Yukikaze insistence on killing Yazaki. Rinko explains Yazaki will likely be marked for assassination in the near future if he continue to make deals with demons. Yazaki then goes on to insult the Taimanin during the interrogation, upsetting Yukikaze enough to kick him jaw and knocking him out, an act that Rinko overlooks. Ever since that mission, Yazaki has come to despise the two women, although most of his hatred was directed at Yukikaze for her more hostile attitude towards him and for the damage she cased to his face. Yazaki latter set up the Matoi Mission as a means to getting revenge on them.

Zark Albatrosa[edit | edit source]

Wataru Akiyama[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Chi Sensitivity - Born from the Magi human species, her body is reactive to mana and is able to cast supernatural powers because of this.
  • Master Swordsmanship - While she was struggling to engage melee combat at her enemies in her debut appearance, Rinko learned to get better at her abilities in managing sword combat. Eventually, she became so good and skilled that she can be able to decapitate any enemy near her without problem, earning her nickname "Demon Decapitation Taimanin". She masters her own signature sword fighting style, the Lost Sword Style (逸刀流 Ittōryū?)
  • Supernatural Speed - As a Taimanin, she is capable of swiftly cutting down multiple demons without them noticing it.
  • Ninja Arts - Art of Sky Escape (忍法・空遁の術 Ninpō - Kūton no Jutsu?) - A space jump unusual power system of ninja art. Making her five senses jump a distance of approximately 1 kilometer and perceiving the opposite side of walls or the scenery of distant locations using the "Senses Jump Method" and making herself and surrounding people or things jump using the "Space Jump Method" are ways she can use her jutsu. This ability requires the usage of her mana/chi, which would explain why her signature jutsu is similar to a magic spell from a sorcerer or a Justice Alliance member. However, the "Space Jump Method" brings about a temporary, yet violent fatigue upon the practitioner.
  • Super Robot Piloting - She is also familiar with the functions, mechanics and ways of a piloting a gigantic robot. That way, in Tatsura vs. Hellbourne, she is able to control the Super Robot Saigord-Golem when its former pilot was killed. She was at first unfamiliar at piloting the mecha, but she learned how to properly fight with it. Therefore, even when she doesn't have a kaiju form to fight giant enemies with, she makes up for it by piloting a giant robot. In Kaiju World War: Part 1, when Golem was destroyed, Rinko was then given the upgraded model, Saigord-Zetsu, to control.
    • Robot Linking - Using her chi, she and Zark can telepathically link together Saigord-Zetsu and Armed Zephyrus' capabilities with each other, allowing the two to combined into the ultimate super robot Dyna-Saigord-Zetsu.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Ishikiri Kanemitsu: A 74 centimeter long katana. The sword is the ancestral blade of the Akiyama family. The previous owner of the blade was Rinko's father, before he passed it down to his daughter. The blade is very sharp and can cut through the flesh of demons whose skin can withstand bullets.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Lost Sword Style First-Type - Moth (逸刀流一ノ型・楓 Ittōryū Ichi-no-kata “Kaede”?) -
  • Lost Sword Style - Dance of the Butterflies (逸刀流・胡蝶乱舞 Ittōryū “Kochōranbu”?) -
  • Lost Sword Style - Whirlwind (逸刀流・旋風 Ittōryū “Senpū”?) -
  • Lost Sword Style - Storm (逸刀流・嵐 Ittōryū “Arashi”?) -
  • Lost Sword Style First Secret Technique - Flower of the Phoenix (逸刀流一ノ秘技・鳳仙花 Ittōryū Ichi-no-Higi “Hōsenka”?) -

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Rinko is well-known for her large breasts, the Taimanin with biggest bust size is Shiranui Mizuki who has a measurement of 112 cm, beating Rinko's 87 cm chest measurement. Rinko, interestingly enough, had the widest hips out of all Taimanin at 90 cm before the introduction of Reiko Hasuma, whose measurement is 96 cm. Rinko would then tie with Sana Kozuki and Kaworu Tekkain as the Taimanin with the 2nd largest hips.
  • Rinko is one of the most popular characters among the series' fanbase, as revealed in character polls in 2027, 2028 and 2029, where she was placed 7th, 4th and 5th respectively.
  • Coincidentally, Rinko is voiced by Ai Maeda, who previously portrayed Ayana Hirasaka from the 1999 film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.
    • In addition, Rinko's seiyuu is married to Zark Albatrosa's voice actor Ryotaro Okiayu, which further adds to the two characters' chemistry.
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