“The true undead ascends beyond pain.”
Rikuro Tachibana (橘 陸郎 Tachibana Rikurō?) is the cousin of Mahou Kaiju Series protagonist Ichirou Tachibana, who made his first appearance as the main character of the film Kaiju of Steel Kabugata.

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Rikurou is a young man of average height and body physique with somewhat pale skin tone, plain brown hair and green irises on his eyes.

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  • Mana sensitivity due to Magi physiology
  • Strong magical abilities
  • Super Strength
  • Iron Defense
  • Immortality and Healing Factor – With his life bound to that of his master Annerose through an undead contact, no matter how many fatal injuries or attacks he takes, Rikurou will keep coming back to life as long as Annerose is alive.
  • Kaiju Transformation – Rikurou has the power to transform into Kabugata, his stronger kaiju form.

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