Reflection (反射 Hansha?) is the second of the series of in-film songs featured in the movie Kaiju of Retribution Tatsuya. It is sung by Yukikaze Mizuki.

Romanized Lyrics Edit

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Dame ne, nan'no tame ni umarete kita no watashi
Yaku ni tatanai musume
Wakaru, arinomama no jibun wo
Gomakasenai no

Mizu ni utsuru hadena sugata
Shiranai hito ni mieru wa
Kakusenai wa
Hontō no watashi
Itsu no hi ka

Kanarazu utsuru
Itsu no hi ka

It's no good
For what reason do I have to be born into this huge world?
Since I would never be a perfect bride
But I should
Understand that I can't leave things as is
or just hide them all inside

I do not see my face reflected on water
All I see is a faint image of a stranger
But, I can never hide
Who I am, can't decide
when my reflection will show, who I am inside

Someday, my reflection will reveal me inside

Spoken Prologue Edit

This dialogue is exchanged between Yukikaze and Rinko before the start of the song.

(Yukikaze and Rinko are dressing up inside a bathroom)
Rinko: (notices Yukikaze really worried) What's wrong, Yukikaze?
Yukikaze: Senpai, I… I…!
Rinko: (walks over to Yukikaze and holds her hands) We're going to be slave prostitutes for this mission.
Yukikaze: I understand that.
Rinko: Then you also already understand that purity is not what's important here; it's your heart. Tatsurou will also understand.
(Yukikaze nods in agreement)

Usage Edit

Rinko convinces Yukikaze

Rinko convinces Yukikaze

Before the song plays, Yukikaze and Rinko are inside an unclean bathroom somewhere in Under Eden, dressing up for their service. Yukikaze feels uneasy about being forced to be slave prostitutes in the brothel. However, Rinko convinces her they are doing this for the sake of their mission of rescuing Yukikaze's mother and that what is important is not her purity but her heart, stating that Tatsurou will understand as well. Yukikaze nods in acknowledgement, but is still not sure about her resolve and whether or not Tatsuro would accept it. In the song, Yukikaze sings her regret over the fact that she could not be an ideal woman for Tatsurou, since she places her mission first over all else, or a proper Taimanin, since she and Rinko could jeopardize everything just to reunite with her mother. Facing her own reflection in a cracked mirror, she is faced with a crisis of self, questioning what her purpose in this world is.

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The song is available in two albums:

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