“Long live the king!”
—Ramay before killing Shomer
Ramay Berith (ラマイ・ベリス Ramai Berisu?)​ is an antagonist in the Kaiju World War Saga, more specifically in the anime Young Braves Brigade. He was the brother of Saron Lucifer and Reia Berith who betrayed the Berith Clan in the Underworld War and usurped the position as King of Rofocale.

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Ramay was a tall man with green eyes. Like his siblings Saron and Reia, he also had hair that is dark-red in color, but unlike them, his were very spiked and reaches to his neck. He almost always had a sinister look on his face.

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Ramay was infamously known for his extremely impulsive arrogance and delusions of grandeur. He saw himself to be the true heir and successor of the Berith Clan and believed that Saron, inheriting the position of Satan Lucifer, is a disgrace to his family's name. However, he also showed complete disregard for his family's legacy, when he killed Shomer, his own father.

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Ramay: Where is your scouting party? They're not doing their job.
Ahava: Ramay, we have no resources; no food, no water. None here, none on the surface world, not even in Heaven.
Ramay: That's preposterous! You're just not looking hard enough!
Ahava: It's over. The war is lost. There is nothing left. We have only one choice: we must leave Earth forever.
Ramay: We're not going anywhere!
Ahava: Then you have sentenced us all to death!
Ramay: Then so be it!
Ahava: You can't do that!
Ramay: I'm the king, I can do whatever I want!
Ahava: If you were half the man Shomer or Saron was, you never—
(infuriated, Ramay punches Ahava into a wall)
—Ramay and Ahava, about the desperate state of the Underworld
“And here's my little secret… I killed Shomer!”
—Ramay to Melica

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  • Ramay's name stems from the Hebrew word "ramay" (Hebrew: רמאי) which means deceiver or liar, which ties into the deceptive and manipulative nature of his character.
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