“I shall become the eternal king of spirits, and the one who shall unleash wedges upon all worlds.”

Quasarmageddon Chaos (クエサルマゲドン・カオス Kuesarumagedon Kaosu?) is the true antagonist of Kaiju World War: Part 2, as well as the most powerful, ultimate and final enemy of the entirety of the Mahou Kaiju Series. It was the true threat and mastermind behind Quasar Estes, the Forbidden Gods and the Final Gods which it rules over.

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Background[edit | edit source]

The War that Reshaped the Universe[edit | edit source]

Countless billions of years prior, Ancient Gods fought a desperate last stand in the midst of a multiverse that was almost completely consumed by the Final Gods. Quasarmageddon Chaos, though it led the Final Gods in the assault against the Ancient Gods, was not active in any capacity in battle. As a last resort, Bandaios and the other Ancient Gods gathered the remaining universes around him and merged them to create a new universe within a singular dimension in the hopes that the remaining life in the existence will be safe from the looming threat of the Forbidden and Final Gods while the Ancient Gods take a deep slumber and replenish their energies for billions of years to come.

The True Threat Looming[edit | edit source]

Blackout awaits the heroes and challenges them for a final battle, them not knowing the horror that awaits them that he apparently knows.

The End Approaches[edit | edit source]

Quasarmageddon 1.png

It commands a seemingly-infinitely massive army of displaced spirits from countless universes it has destroyed in the past called Iok-Sothoth, manifesting the forms of all defeated Final Gods, such Cth, Ygso'Gurath and Quasar Estes.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Quasarmageddon Chaos.png

Quasarmageddon Chaos can barely be described as an entity by itself, for its existence is beyond the bounds of existence that not even the Final Gods can fathom.

  • Omnipotence -
  • Total Final God Command - Quasarmageddon apparently commands millions if not billions of Final Gods at its whim, following it without quest or doubt.
    • Replication - It is also capable of creating endless thousands of copies of Quasar Estes and other Final Gods at will.
    • Summoning - It can also many other different Final Gods from other universes and planes of reality into its presence.
  • Reality Manipulation -
  • True-Godly Immortality -
  • Primordial Darkness Manipulation -
  • Evil Manipulation -
  • Space-Time Manipulation -
  • Nigh-Omniscience - Quasarmageddon is knowledgeable to recognize the weakness of its enemies, predict their attacks and even know their identities.
    • Omninescience - However, at the same time, it is completely ignorant and blind-sided towards literally everything that exists, that is, was, will and even never will be in the Multiverse, even its own fellow Final Gods.
  • Omnipresence -
  • Acausality - As a Final God itself, it exists above causality.
  • Soul Manipulation - Quasarmageddon has countless quadrillions upon quintillions of souls it collected across the multiverse called the Iok-Sothoth that it uses as either weapons or pawns during the final battle. It also has the power to completely erase the souls of living beings from existence.
  • Absolute Destruction / Nonexistence - Quasarmageddon is capable of destroying everything without limits, boundaries, causation, metaphysics and even irrational "concepts" like the fabric of nothingness or the totality itself.
  • Telepathy -
  • Teleportation -
  • Non-Corporeal and Abstract Existence -
  • Beyond-Dimensional Existence - Its nature also is not only completely alien to any form of existence to the point where not even many Final Gods know but still fight alongside somehow, but also conceptually superior to the very concept of dimensionality.
    • Immeasurable Large Size - Its true size is said to exceed even the bounds of the entire Multiverse.
  • Omega Reality - True to what it is literally called "Supreme God Omega", Quasarmageddon Chaos is the definitive Final God, being the finality and ultimate end for all things that ever existed, never existed, or might have existed, across all timelines, worlds, universes, events, concepts and realities.
    • Omniverse Destruction - Quasarmageddon has destroyed centillions of worlds and universes across the reality of creation prior to its final battle. It has the potential to obliterate every plane of existence from being.
    • Total Event Collapse - The Final God has terrifying potential to end every world, timeline, concept and reality, effectively annihilating all of creation itself into absolute nothingness, Quasarmageddon's ultimate endgoal.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Feast of Despair (絶望の宴 Zetsubō no Utage?) - Quasarmageddon howls in a terrifying voice, “All things are born from my power.” (全ては、我の力によって生まれ変わるのだ Subete wa, ware no chikara ni yotte umarekawaru noda?) It then unleashes a massive wave of void darkness, annihilating star systems and extinguish all surrounding light and energies in one fell swoop. Even when still sealed inside the Nibiru, it is capable of using this attack.
  • Ultimatum of the Absolute God (絶対神の福音 Zettaishin no Fukuin?) - The Final God roars, “Relinquish thy flesh and surrender thy souls onto me.” (汝らの肉体を捨て、魂を我に捧げよ Nanjira no nikutai o sute, tamashī o ware ni sasageyo?) The head absorbs energies flowing from four glowing orange orbs. It then spews a pinkish-red ray of light capable of extreme-range fire.
  • Galactic Armageddon (終焉の銀河 Shūen no Ginga?) - Quasarmageddon Chaos begins by saying “All who live, the time for thee to return to your beginning has come.” (生命ある者よ、原初に還る時が来た Inochi aru mono yo, gensho ni kaeru toki ga kita?) Its orbs start channeling dark energies and fire massive streams of darkness at a focal point, while saying “The white altar of old is now here.” (古の白き祭壇、今ここに Inishie no shiroki saidan, ima koko ni?) It then opens a portal from that point to a hellish void-like dimension and in a terrible commanding voice, shouts, “O Heavens, take heed! O Earth, incline thy ears!” (天よ聞け! 地よ耳を傾けよ! Ten yo kike! Chi yo mimi wo katamuke yo!?) Trillions of the Iok-Sothoth burst forth from the portal like a endless river of blood, swarming its enemies, smothering it in freakish visions of death, pain and annihilation. Psychotic screams and agonized moans create an even more unnerving audio backdrop to the macabre visual display. Visions are shown of planets, galaxies and universes simultaneously destroyed, which ends with an image of the Earth being cut in half, as Quasarmageddon Chaos laughs maniacally.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “I shall become the eternal king of spirits, and the one who shall unleash wedges upon all worlds. All who armed with swords, gather upon my presence, so those who serve them from all the realms and their wills shall be eradicated. My calling is the Absolute God… and my presence shall be gathered upon by those who are armed.” (我はまつろわぬ霊の王にして、あまねく世界の楔を解き放つ者なり。すべての剣よ、我の下に集え。かの者達の意志を、そのしもべ達をあまねく世界から消し去らんがために。我が名は絶対神・・・全ての剣よ、我の下に集え Ware wa matsuro wanu rei no ō ni shite, amaneku sekai no kusabi wo tokihanatsu mononari… Subete no tsurugi yo, ware no moto ni tsudōe… Kanomono-tachi no ishi wo, sono shimobe-tachi wo amaneku sekai kara keshi saranga tame ni… Waga na wa zettaishin… Subete no tsurugi yo, ware no moto ni tsudōe…?)
  • “Fall… rise… grow…” (滅びよ・・・生まれよ・・・満ちよ・・・ Horobi yo… umare yo… michi yo…?)
  • “In order to purge all living beings from every existing world…” (生あるものをあまねく世界から消し去らんがために・・・ Seiaru mono o amaneku sekai kara keshi saranga tame ni…?)
  • “Hahaha… I am the black fortress towering in the void.” (ふふふ・・・我こそは虚空そらにそびえる黒き城なり Fufufu… ware koso wa sora ni sobieru kuroki shironari?)
  • “You mortals… shall never erase the endless grudge of the restless spirits…!” (汝らに・・・まつろわぬ霊たちの怨念を消し去ることなど出来ぬ・・・! Nanjira ni… matsuro wanu rei-tachi no onnen wo keshi saru koto nado dekinu…!?)
  • “You shall be obliterated, along with your comrades…!” (戦友もろともに、滅び去るのだ・・・! Senyū moro tomoni, horobi saru noda…!?)
  • “Rot, mighty hero.” (朽ち果てよ、偉大な勇者よ Kuchihateyo, idaina yūsha yo?)
  • “Be crushed, great dragon emperor.” (砕けよ、大いなる龍皇よ Kudakeyo, ōinaru ryūō yo?)
  • “Be annihilated, souls of steel.” (滅せよ、鋼の魂よ Messeyo, hagane no tamashī yo?)
  • “Die, guardian kaiju.” (死せよ、守護の怪獣よ Shiseyo, shugo no kaijū yo?) (Referring to Gamera)
  • “Come forth, countless restless souls!!” (いでよ、まつろわぬ魂達よ!! Ideyo, matsurowanu tamashī-tachi yo!!?)
  • “Take heed to the howl of my spirit!” (わが魂の叫びを聞け! Waga tamashī no sakebi wo kike!?)
  • “Is this… the power of your mortal souls…?” (これが… 汝らの魂の力だというのか・・・? Kore ga… nanjira no tamashī no chikara dato iu no ka…??)
  • “Are the voices of the spirits being disturbed…?” (霊たちの声が、乱されている・・・? Rei-tachi no koe ga, midasarete iru…??)
  • “NNGGHH…! I, the Absolute God, shall not return to nothingness…!” (ぬうう・・・! 無に帰するのはこの絶対神ではない・・・! Nuu…! Mu ni kaesuru no wa kono zettaishin de wa nai…!?)
  • “How could the beings of flesh wield so much power…?!” (肉あるもの達にこれほどの力が宿っているとは・・・! Niku aru mono-tachi ni kore hodo no chikara ga yadotte iru to wa…!?)
  • “To defy the Absolute God… is the greatest blasphemy…!!” (絶対神にあだなすとは・・・最大の冒涜と知れ・・・!! Zettaishin ni adanasu towa… saidai no bōtoku to shire!!?)
  • “HAAAAOOOOOOOHHHHH…!!!!!!” (はおおおおおおお・・・・・・!!!!!! Haooooooo……!!!!!!?) (Dying words)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The villain's name is a combination of Quasar Estes, Armageddon and Chaos.
    • Armageddon is a Hebrew word referring to Mount Megiddo, the place of the last battle at the Last Judgment, the site of a prophesied final battle between the forces of good and evil.
    • Chaos is the primordial god of the void which is said to be the embodiment of nothingness and the creator of the universe according to Greek mythology.
  • Quasarmageddon Chaos' is voiced by Hironobu Kageyama (影山 ヒロノブ?), a veteran Japanese singer who is a member of the anison band JAM Project, which has sung a few songs for the Mahou Kaiju Series. While his voice is barely recognizable, due to the distortion effects that have been mixed in, although one familiar with it might recognize it in Quasarmageddon Chaos' laugh, his role in the creation of the game means a lot to anime fans, as he had been singing anime music since the mid '80s.
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