Ourovorius (ウロヴォリアス Urovoriasu?) is the dragonic kaiju form of Ryouki Yamagoto.

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  • Nobis Vulcan (邪黒炎波 Jakoku Enha?) –⁠ The kaiju fires a massive stream of black-and-purple flames from its maw towards its enemies.
  • Venom Fang (毒牙 Dokuga?) –⁠ Ourovorius lunges at its target and mauls it with its fangs and claws, coupled with its strength, either critically poisoning the opponent or creating a glowing a crack on its skin that slowly expands and causes it to slowly deteriorate until the opponent eventually explodes.
  • Spellbind Shower (呪縛俄雨 Jūbakugau?) –⁠ Ourovorious' red eyes and crystals all over its body glow immensely and emit several streams of purple dragon-shaped energy projectiles, raining at its opponents like a meteor shower.
  • Crystal Feathers (紫晶火羽 Shikishō Kahane?) –⁠ Psychokinetic crystal-shaped projectiles are launched from the kaiju's wings and explode upon impact.
  • Axion Beam (アキシオン・ビーム Akishion Bīmu?) –⁠ The dragon monster launches a Dimensional Black Hole from its mouth towards its enemy, absorbing the target into an extra-dimensional vortex and utterly crushing it.
  • Shining Trapezohedron (シャイニング・トラペゾヘドロン Shainingu Torapezohedoron?) –⁠ Fired from Ourovorius' chest, this super-powerful jewel unleashes the full power of the kaiju, subjecting its target in a space-time continuum that is capable of erasing the existence of the opponent.

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  • It is implied that this kaiju is extremely powerful to the point that only one instance of it, and its descendant, Metatrovorius, can exist in the entirety of the Multiverse, even though there are probably an infinite number of different versions of Ryouki to harness its power.
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