Operation Charlemagne (シャルルマーニュ作戦 Sharurumānyu Sakusen?) was the first of the Allied Powers' series of campaigns on the liberation of Europe from the Underworld Legion or the Eurasian Union forces. The operation was marked as the successful invasion and liberation of France.

Prelude Edit

EDF ready to be deployed in North France

Earth Defense Forces deployed to Northern France

After the oppressive government of Oceania was overthrown, the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies began rallying forces to start the liberation of Europe.

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Northern France Edit

The attack on the beaches of Northern France by the Allies were reminiscent of the Allied attack on Nazi-occupation France in World War II 90 years ago.

Marseille Edit

E.U. soldiers in Marseille

E.U. soldiers in Marseille

Two weeks before the start of the bloody battle in Paris, American and British forces took the city of Marseille from the Underworld demonic army within seventeen days.

Paris Edit

See also: Battle of Paris

The pinnacle of the liberation campaign was the battle in the French capital, Paris.

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