Oboro (?) is a major recurring antagonist throughout the Taimanin Arc of the Mahou Kaiju Series. She is known prominently as the arch-nemesis of the Strongest Taimanin Asagi Igawa.

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Oboro is resurrected as a vampire and is less than impressed to see that her position of tormenting Asagi is taken up by a clone of herself created by Dragon, the mastermind behind the disappearances of various Taimanin including Saya.

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Taigaia vs. Senryuukaku Edit

It is soon revealed that Oboro is actually a clone all along. In fact, she is created from the DNA of the missing Taimanin Oboro Koukawa who as of the moment is taking a persona of a masked vigilante.

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An apparition of the false Oboro appears before Asagi as a manifestation of her greatest fears and despair, when she along with many other heroes fighting the Final Gods at the time were trapped within the Multiversal Labyrinth.

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As the archenemy of the powerful Taimanin, she takes pleasure in torturing and seeing Asagi in pain and would stop at nothing to make her life a living hell.

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  • Ninja Arts - Hypnotic Carved Seal Attack (忍法:催眠刻印撃 Ninpō: Saimin Kokuingeki?) -
  • Usurping Hand of Greed (強欲の奪い手 Gōyoku no Ubaite?) -
  • Vituperatio (罵詈雑言 Barizōgen?, Misunderstanding) -
  • Chaos Flare (カオスフレア Kaosu Furea?) -

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