“Shiori, with you by my side, I know I'll never love this way again.”
Nozomu Sunohara (春原 望 Sunohara Nozomu?) is a supporting character from the anime The Hows of Me and Liliana, appearing as a classmate of Tatsuya Nagare, Kouta Kazama, Aki Hayami and his love interest Shiori Takanashi, before he and Shiori become secondary protagonists in the second half of the series when the Hyakki Empire becomes the primary threat.

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Nozomu is a young man in his late teens. He has a fine-shaped body with a few abs, a height that is above average, black hair and mahogany eyes.

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Nozomu and Shiori eating noodles together

Eating noodles with Shiori together

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While he thinks Liliana is very pretty, he supports her being Tatsuya's girlfriend since he already has Shiori. Nevertheless, he has a friendly relationship with her.

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