Now, I Love You

Now, I Love You (今、君を愛す Ima, Kimi wo Aisu?) is the third song featured in the musical film Kaiju of Retribution Tatsuya. It is performed during a flashback sequence and sung by the movie's romantic leads Tatsurou Akiyama and Yukikaze Mizuki.

Romanized Lyrics Edit

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Namida ofuki, kokoro shizumete
Mō kowakunai, boku wo shinjite hoshī
Yoru no yami wa ima kiete yuki
Hikari ga kagayaki, kimi wo michibiku

Donna toki demo yasashī kokoro de
Dōzo atashi wo tsutsunde ne
Donna toki demo kimi ga iru to
Yakusoku shite sore dake wo onegaidakara

Kimi o dakishime, kimi wo mamorou
Sā ima hikari ga kimi wo tokihanatsu

Atashi no nozomi wa tada jiyū ni
Itsu don'na toki demo futari wa tomoni

Tasukedasou subete wo tsukushite
Kimi wo sono kodoku kara
Itte hoshī boku ga iru to
Tomo ni doko made mo futari de
Yukikaze, kimi ga subete

Itte futari no ai no chikai wa
Kesshite kawaranaito

[Yukikaze & Tatsurō]
Donna toki demo futari no chikai wa

[Yukikaze] Itte hoshī no
[Tatsurō] Kimi ga subete

[Yukikaze & Tatsurō]
Ima, kimi wo aisu


[Yukikaze & Tatsurō]
Tomoni doko made mo futari de
Ima, kimi wo aisu


[Itsuki] Taihen! Mō jikan da wa, sā ikimashou.
[Katsuie] “Yukikaze, ai rabu yū.”
[Itsuki] “Sugu ni basha wo yonde chōdai.”
[Katsuie] Boku mo issho ni iku.
[Itsuki] Atashi wo michibiite.


Ai wo ataeta, ongaku wo ataeta
Sono okaeshi ga koreda to iu no ka
Aisuru-mono ni, ima uragira rete…
Nihon yo

[Yukikaze & Tatsurō]
Donna toki demo futari no chikai wa
Kesshite kawaranaito
Donna toki demo futari wa tomo ni

Kore hodo no hazukashime wo
Kesshite yurushi wa shinai zo!



No more talk of darkness
Forget these wide-eyed fears
I'm here, nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you

Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tears
I'm here, with you, beside you
To guard you and to guide you

Say you love me every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summertime
Say you need me with you now and always
Promise me that all you say is true
That's all I ask of you

Let me be your shelter
Let me be your light
You're safe, no one will find you
Your fears are far behind you

All I want is freedom
A world with no more night
And you, always beside me
To hold me and to hide me

Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you, here beside you
Anywhere you go, let me go too
Yukikaze, that's all I ask of you

Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime
Say the word and I will follow you

[Yukikaze & Tatsurou]
Share each day with me
Each night, each morning

[Yukikaze] Say you love me
[Tatsurou] You know I do

[Yukikaze & Tatsurou]
Forever and now, I love you


[Yukikaze & Tatsurou]
Anywhere you go, let me go to
Forever and now, I love you


[Itsuki] Oh, dear! That letter right here, what do you read through?
[Katsuie] “Yukikaze, I love you.”
[Itsuki] “Order your fine horses, be with them at the door.”
[Katsuie] Come on, miss, please wait for me.
[Itsuki] You'll guard me and you'll guide me.


I gave you my guidance
Made your people rise
And now how you've repaid me
Denied me and betrayed me
Sheltering cowards and weaklings while time flies
Oh, my Japan

[Yukikaze & Tatsurō]
Say you'll share with me one love
One lifetime say the word and I will follow you
Share each day with me, each night, each morning

You will forever curse the day you did not do
What the Lord of the Sixth Heaven asked of you!



Usage Edit

Inside Under Eden, Yukikaze is suffering shame and humiliation, mentally and physically, in the hands of the Muneichi Yazaki, who is chosen by Real as Yukikaze's first customer as a slave prostitute. Yukikaze lies down and holds her pendant, wondering how it all comes to this.

She begins reminiscing the moments she and Tatsurou spent together before confessing their love for one another. The song is played throughout the flashbacks of Yukikaze and Tatsurou in their moments of happiness together. With Tatsurou vowing to always protect her as her light and solace and Yukikaze asking her childhood friend to love her, they express that they will stand by each other and share their love for each other, now and forever.

After the primary part of the song ends, the scene cuts back to the present, where Itsuki Mainu and Katsuie Shiraishi, two faculty members of the Gosha Academy, come across the place where Tatsurou confessed to Yukikaze and accidentally dropped his love letter, which the two pick up before going back.

Meanwhile, in the deepest and darkest pits of Yomihara, a mysterious caped figure covered in darkness whispers in rage. For him, Japan "betrayed" him and his promises of power and glory and housed cowards and weaklings. In his orb, he sees Yukikaze and Tatsurou, being happy in each other's company. The mysterious figure starts glowing in a brimming dark-red aura and yells that Japan will pay for not heeding what the "Lord of the Sixth Heaven" told the motherland. He begins summoning demonic souls and commands them to rampage towards the surface world. They all head towards the sky and form a massive storm, before a massive thundering boom is accompanied by the unknown one's demonic laugh, as the scene fades to black.

Releases Edit

The song is available in two albums:

Trivia Edit

  • During the entire sequence, everything that takes during the run of the song are in a flashback.
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