“Again, new, concept, learned. More.”
Nasara (ナーサラ Nāsara?) is an unknown lifeform in the Underworld that shapeshifts to gain knowledge from outside forces. She first appeared in Kaiju World War: Part 1.

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Nasara is a very strange girl whose emotional capabilities are limited due to the unknown nature of her character.

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Kaiju World War: Part 1 Edit

Nasara is an intelligent lifeform that suddenly appeared in the Underworld. Produced by a certain momentum, she has wandering around the outskirts of the Underworld since then. According to witness, she takes in the substances of living things. Instinctively coming to take in new things and knowledge, she takes the form a woman because it is useful for capturing knowledge. She may look like a person, but can change into various shapes. She only has few biological feelings, working merely casually. However, if hostility is turned on, her capability of destruction is not limited. Therefore, unless she encounters an enemy or predator, she is not hostile.

Kaiju World War: Part 2 Edit

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  • Metamorphosis
    • Predator Transformation (変容捕食 Henyō hoshoku?)

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  • Alteration Attack (変質攻撃 Henshitsu Kōgeki?)
  • Gluttony Attack (グラトニーアタック Guratonī Atakku?)

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  • “Nasara… Name. That. Conflict of. Interest. Want. That. Knowledge.” (ナーサラ…名前、興味、なら、利害一致、その、知識、欲しい Nāsara… namae, kyōmi, nara, rigai itchi, sono, chishiki, hoshī?)
  • “Waiting. Dissatisfied. Doing something. Seeking experience.” (待機、不満、なにかやること、経験求む Taiki, fuman, nanika yaru koto, keiken motomu?)
  • “Behavior, incomprehension, tolerance, deviation, hostility?” (行動、理解不能、許容範囲、逸脱、敵対行動? Kōdō, rikai funō, kyoyō han'i, itsudatsu, tekitai kōdō??)
  • “Interesting behavior, discomfort, no, want to know more, permission.” (興味深い行動、不快感、ない、もっと知りたい、許可 Kyōmibukai kōdō, fukai-kan, nai, motto shiritai, kyoka?)
  • “Knowledge, accumulated.” (知識、蓄積 Chishiki, chikuseki?)
  • “Again, new, concept, learned. More.” (また、新しい、概念、覚えた。もっと Mata, atarashī, gainen, oboeta. Motto?)
  • “Once again, different, new, knowledge, gained.” (今までと、違う、新たな、知識、経験 Imamade to, chigau, aratana, chishiki, keiken?)
  • “Interest, springs up. To prey. I learned a new concept. More…” (興味、湧いた。捕食、する。新しい概念、覚えた。もっと… Kyōmi, waita. Hoshoku, suru. Atarashī gainen, oboeta. Motto…?)

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