Mecha-Sekhmet (メカセクメット Mekasekumetto?) is a lion-themed giant robot created by the Earth Defense Force's European Union branch, using the skeleton of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet as base.

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6,000 years ago, during the Great Ancient War, the Egyptian goddess of war Sekhmet was killed by Aldrych and reduced to bones. Her remains would remain buried in the deserts of Egypt until they were discovered by the Earth Defense Force and planned to become basis for a new anti-kaiju machine.

Mecha-Sekhmet armed with Leo-Blaster

Mecha-Sekhmet with Leo-Blaster

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  • The basis for Mecha-Sekhmet's development is similar to the Millennium incarnation of MechaGodzilla (MFS-3 Kiryu) which was built with the skeleton of the original Godzilla as basis.
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