Marika Krishna (マリカ・クリシュナ Marika Kurishuna?) is the servant of the Vampire Queen Cara Cromwell and one of the main characters of The Earth Defense Force.

Appearance Edit

Marika is a fairly-heighted slim woman with dark skin, grayish-blonde hair tied to her back, sky-blue eyes and a sapphire jewel embedded on her forehead.

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The Earth Defense Force Edit

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Personality Edit

A defining trait of Marika is her undying loyalty for her queen, Cara. She is willing to protect the Skarrosan Queen and her interests at all costs. To an extent, she also has a sense of fealty to the Kingdom and her people, since Cara's concerns are Marika's as well.

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Cara Cromwell Edit

As Cara Cromwell's right-hand knight, She is very loyal to her Queen to the point where she will even lay her life on the line for her glory.

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