“Let's burn up!”
Maika Kamimura (神村 舞華 Kamimura Maika?) is the younger sister of Azuma Kamimura and a fire-controlling Taimanin who first appeared in Kaiju World War: Part 1. She is also the pilot of the flame robot Formula Delta.

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  • Magi physiology/sensitivity to chi – As a member of the human Magi species, her body is easily responsive to mana energies that allow her to cast supernatural abilities.
  • Flame manipulation – Maika has the power to control fire and conjure flame-based attacks.
    • Art of Flame Escape (火遁の術 Katon no Jutsu?)
  • Adequate hand-to-hand combat

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  • Art of Flame Escape - Grenade (火遁の術・愚麗寧怒グレネイド Katon no Jutsu - Gureneido?) – Maika has too much firepower to control and cannot control herself. Therefore, she creates and shoots fireballs with a specially-produced portable artillery “Kojido Bazooka”. When a fireball lands, it blows out an extremely hot flame and instantly destroys a demon.

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