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Welcome to the Wiki Page of the Mahou Kaiju Series (魔法怪獣シリーズ?), where you will find yourself in an interesting world of creative stories, multitudes of wonderful characters, heroes and villains alike, and of course, terrifyingly awesome and powerful giant monsters (or kaiju) duke it out in the most insanely unimaginable ways possible!

The Mahou Kaiju Series is a series of Japanese animated kaiju movies released from 2019 to 2029, starting with its first film, Shin Gamera, originally released as a standalone Gamera reboot before being expanded into an original anime kaiju cinematic universe with additional ties to the Gamera mythos, to rival the success of the Godzilla anime trilogy released from 2017 to 2019 and ending with the three-parter finale, Kaiju World War: Parts 1 to 3, released in 2028 to 2031 respectively.

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