“I'll be the best witch ever! Like my grandmother!”

Lilith Abel Bindernagel (リリス・アーベル・ビンダーナーゲル Ririsu Āberu Bindānāgeru?) is the descendant of the Legendary Archwitch Lilith, taking up the mantle of the great demoness' legacy as the Magical Girl of the Underworld, alongside her familiar servant Berilic. She first appeared in Kaiju World War: Part 1.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

A young and energetic devil girl, she is a very immature and playful, even claiming her ancestor Lilith to be her "grandmother".

Background[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Known as the "Witch of the Black Snake", Lilith Abel Bindernagel is the descendant of the legendary demonic witch Lilith, who is said to have rebelled against God and slain many immortals in the Ancient War. She became Lilith of the new generation, named after her ancestor's legacy, and ascended into the human world to train. Because she is immature, she would often run away from or escape even a group of orcs, but her talent is best performed in the Underworld, and her secret ambition is a natural character that is second to none.

She has a familiar female servant, the female white dog Berilik, who always escorts her and supports her daily life. Although Lilith believes that she is just a long-lived and ghostly white dog, Berilik is actually an ancient dragon known for having power that surpasses that of the Gods.

Kaiju World War: Part 1[edit | edit source]

Lilith becomes a self-proclaimed “New Year's Shrine Witch” (初詣の魔女 Hatsumōde no Majo?), wearing a shrine maiden dress that was prepared by someone from somewhere on the squirmingly roaring Lilith early in the new year. It is said that the New Year's vibrations are emanating throughout her whole body.

Kaiju World War: Part 2[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a descendant of the great demoness Lilith, the young woman possesses extraordinary demonic powers and abilities to her disposal.

  • Immortality – Lilith belongs to a race of the more powerful higher-class demons, who are said to live for tens of thousands of years.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “I am Lilith! The Legendary Archwitch… Oh, wait, she's my grandmother, but one day I'll be a great witch!” (リリスです!伝説の大魔女……というのはおばあ様の事ですが、いつかは私もすごい魔女になりますから! Ririsu desu! Densetsu no daimajo…… to iu no wa obaa-sama no koto desu ga, itsuka wa watashi mo sugoi majo ni narimasukara!?)
  • “Yes! My grandmother is called the Legendary Archwitch, and I inherited that name!” (はい!私のおばあ様は伝説の大魔女って呼ばれてて、私はその名を継いだんです! Hai! Watashi no obaa-sama wa densetsu no daimajo-tte yoba re tete, watashi wa sono na wo tsuidan desu!?)
  • “Yes, my preparation is perfect! I put up a batch carp♪” (はいは~い、私の準備はバッチリですよ!なんでもバッチコイです♪ Hai hai~, watashi no junbi wa bacchiri desu yo! Nan demo bacchikoi desu ♪?)
  • “Ohh! I'm in great shape!” (おお~!絶好調ですよぉ! Oo~! Zekkōchō desu yo~!?)
  • “I am now another step closer to become like my grandmother.” (これでまた一歩、おばあさまに近付きましたぁ Kore de mata ippo, obaa-sama ni chikazuki mashita?)
  • “I can now beat my grandmother! …or, I guess I said too much♪” (今ならおばあさまにも勝てる!…というのは、言い過ぎですね♪ Ima nara obaa-sama ni mo kateru! …To iu no wa, ii sugi desu ne♪?)
  • “Happy New Year. I wish a happy and good year to you this year… mainly to me.” (新年、明けましておめでとうございます。今年は幸多き、よき年となりますことをお祈り申し上げます……主に私に Shin'nen, akemashite omedetō gozaimasu. Kotoshi wa kōtaki, yoki toshi to narimasu koto o oinori mōshiagemasu…… omo ni watashi ni?)
  • “Let us say the joy of the New Year… And let us celebrate with the shrine maiden.” (新春の喜びを云々……かしこみかしこみ云々……どうです? これがみなさんに評判の、巫女っぽい祝詞のりとですよ Shinshun no yorokobi o un'nun…… kashiko mi kashiko mi un'nun…… dou desu? Kore ga minasan ni hyōban no, miko-ppoi norito desu yo?)
  • “This year, I'm a bit different from before. This strangeness may have something to do with this sacred costume, right?” (今年の私は、ひと味もふた味も違いますよ……この神聖な衣装からも、その違いがわかるでしょう? Kotoshi no watashi wa, hito aji mo futa aji mo chigaimasu yo…… kono shinseina ishō kara mo, sono chigai ga wakaru deshou??)
  • “I'm a newcomer in Japan… Priestesses wear cute clothes too. After all, God is universal and likes cute children, right?” (日本の新官……巫女っていうのもかわいい服を着ますねぇ。やっぱり神様は万国共通で、かわいい子が好きなんでしょうか Nihon no Shinkan…… miko tte iu no mo kawaii fuku o kimasu nē. Yappari kami-sama wa bankoku kyōtsū de, kawaī ko ga suki nandeshou ka?)
  • “I now have the sacred power…!” (神聖な力が宿ってきます……! Shinseina chikara ga yadotte kimasu……!?)
  • “Allow me to show you my divine melody!” (私の神楽、見せるときが来ましたか! Watashi no kagura, miseru toki ga kimashita ka!?)
  • “Fuu… How is it? Am I dancing well?” (ふぅ……っ。どうです?上手く舞えていましたよね! Fu~…… Dōdesu? Umaku maete imashita yo ne!?)
  • “There's so many enemies… They're like a flock of worshippers.” (なんて敵の数…参拝客のようです Nante teki no sū… sanpai kyaku no you desu?)
  • “Well, here comes the New Year's hidden tricks… it's time to show my divine melody… This year, I'll celebrate it differently. Witches New Year.” (さて、ここらで新春かくし芸をば…私の神楽、見せる時が来ましたか…今年の私はひと味違います、祝砲、ウィッチーズ・ニュー・イヤー Sate, kokora de shinshun kakushigei oba… watashi no kagura, miseru toki ga kimashita ka… kotoshi no watashi wa hitoaji chigai masu, shukuhō, u~itchīzu nyū iyā?)

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  • The character's full name is derived from two names, "Lilith", her in-universe ancestor and the demoness who is said to be Adam's first wife in Jewish writings, and "Abel", the victim of his own older brother Cain who committed the first murder of man according to Abrahamic religions.
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