“No matter what happens to either of us, we will stay strong together.”
Liliana (リリアナ Ririana?) is the titular female protagonist of the anime The Hows of Me and Liliana. She is Tatsuya Nagare's girlfriend, a woman who was discovered out of nowhere, whom everything about her is shrouded in mystery.

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She is a very sexy and beautiful young woman who is most definable with her dark skin matched with her large bust and long flowing silver hair with blunt bangs. She has blue sparkling irises on her radiant eyes. She often wears her black choker on her neck which has the Azure Ocean jewel.

Personality Edit

Liliana is a gentle, kind and timid woman who is always excited to discover new things along with her only friend and eventual boyfriend Tatsuya. While she is smart enough to easily learn and recognize lots of things, she often has to be pointed out step-by-step with every detail if she is to learn something.

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As her boyfriend's classmates, Liliana becomes very friendly with Nozomu Sunohara, Shiori Takanashi, Kouta Kazama and Aki Hayami.

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  • Mana senstivity - As Liliana is a member of the Magi human species, her body is more inclined to react to surrounding mana energies, which in turn gives her abilities beyond that of a regular human.

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  • The character is designed by Aoi Nagisa, the creator of the Wagaya no Liliana-san manga, which is the anime's original source material.
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