The Evil Lionic Gun Leo-Blaster (獅神魔銃レオ・ブラスター Shishinmajū Reo-Burasutā?) is one of the four completed Satanic Arms created by the demons of the Underworld Legion to corrupt Mecha-Sekhmet, which the soul of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet inhabits.

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Leo-Blaster is a large black cannon with violet fins.

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Leo-Blaster, along with Sagittobow, Kanikiri and Scorlance, were created by the Underworld Legion as means to possess the Gods they could resurrect through the Orbs of Antares. When a critically-damaged Mecha-Sekhmet was captured by Underworld Legion forces after a decisive victory, the mechanic lion was repaired and armed with Leo-Blaster, which not only turned it into an unstoppable killing machine at the disposal of the Legion, but also corrupted the soul of the goddess Sekhmet that was inhabiting the metallic shell.

Dark Sekhmet and Ra

Corrupted Mecha-Sekhmet and Ra

Mecha-Sekhmet and Ra, still corrupted by their respective Satanic Arms, were sent into battle.

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Mecha-Sekhmet armed with Leo-Blaster

Mecha-Sekhmet with Leo-Blaster

Sagittobow's primary ability is its curse that can warp and corrupt both the soul and powers of an entity created or blessed by the power of the Leo zodiac, such as Sekhmet.

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