Planet Laniakea

The Grand Star Laniakea (神星ラニアケア Shinsei Raniakea?) is the home-planet of the Superstar Astral Dragons and their two patron gods, Siegwurm-Nova and Darkwurm-Nova.

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Landscape of the planet

Laniakea is lush of planet brimmed with life like Earth.

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Four billion years ago, the Superstar Dragons led by the two Dragon Star Gods, Siegwurm-Nova and Darkwurm-Nova, fought against Quasar Estes, the agent of the Final Gods. The Star Gods sacrificed all their power and sealed away Quasar to a faraway still-barren planet Earth.

Billions of years later, the planet lived in peace. However, a small yet destructive squadron of Forbidden Ones, led by Redzone, laid waste on a significant portion of the planet to provoke the long-peaceful race of dragons. As such, the entire race became angry and after being told and deceived by the Dark Grandwalker Socradrych that Earth is influenced by evil and sought to revive Quasar Estes to destroy Laniakea and all of its peoples, they initiated an invasion to destroy Earth in an effort to prevent the resurrection of the Forbidden King.

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