“All you need to give me is a dangerous battlefield and I'll give you a reward when I'm done. Will you please me?”
Kurumi S. Sakazaki (クルミ・S・坂崎?) is a minor heroic character in the Kaiju World War Saga. She is a sword-wielding mercenary hired by the Earth Defense Force.

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Kaiju World War: Part 1 Edit

Kurumi is a woman who is half-Japanese and half-foreigner. At first glance, people can assume that she is a foreigner. She claims to be Japanese, but usually nobody believes it, and she has recently stopped making corrections herself. She is usually sloppy because her character is rough and sparse. As a mercenary, she's clingy, and contracts come in from various companies and organizations and even Japan's branch of the Earth Defense Force. She comes from a Japanese family that follow the flow of swordsmanship. She was taught swordsmanship for self-defense as a way to protect herself in case of an emergency in an overseas land. Since becoming a mercenary, she has honed her abilities and skills in swordsmanship in earnest, improving her skills to a level that can be fully used in actual battles. Basically, she is running on the battlefield with a single sword, saying, "This is stronger."

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She uses gauntlets and high-frequency blades used by past mercenaries.

  • Expert swordmanship

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  • Swordplay Offensive (抜刀攻勢 Battō Kōsei?)
  • Swallowing Return (ツバメ返し Tsubame Kaeshi?)

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  • “I am Kurumi S. Sakazaki. Do you want to hire me as a mercenary.” (クルミ・S・坂崎よ。傭兵として私を雇いたいというのはあなたかしら? Kurumi S. Sakazaki yo. Yōhei to shite watashi o yatoitai to iu no wa anata kashira??)
  • “All you need to give me is a dangerous battlefield and I'll give you a reward when I'm done. Will you please me?” (私を雇うのに必要なのは、危険な戦場と、それに見合った報酬よ。私を満足させてくれるのかしら? Watashi wo yatou no ni hitsuyōna no wa, kiken'na senjō to, sore ni miatta hōshū yo. Watashi wo manzoku sa sete kureru no kashira??)
  • “Mercenaries are the key to surviving constant information updates.” (傭兵は常に情報を更新するのが生き残る秘訣よ Yōhei wa tsuneni jōhō wo kōshin suru no ga ikinokoru hiketsu yo?)
  • “The change of the modern battlefield is dramatic.” (現代の戦場の変化は、めまぐるしいわねぇ Gendai no senjō no henka wa, memagurushī wa nē?)
  • “It's important to keep improving your special skills.” (特技を磨き続ける事も大切よ Tokugi wo migaki tsudzukeru koto mo taisetsu yo?)
  • “Mercenaries are only for business. Can you try refraining from being nonsensical?” (傭兵はあくまでビジネス。不必要になれなれしいのは遠慮してもらっていいかしら? Yōhei wa akumade bijinesu. Fuhitsuyō ni narenareshī no wa enryo shite moratte ī kashira??)

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