“……I am Koro Shishimura, nice to meet you, I guess.”
Koro Shishimura (死々村 孤路?) is a character introduced in Kaiju World War: Part 1 as a student in the Gosha Academy and the best friend of Nao Homare.

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Koro is very shy and quiet.

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Koro is the childhood and best friend, as well as a fellow classmate of Nao Homare.

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Koro has a few abilities that she could use:

  • Magi physiology/Chi sensitivity – As a human born from the Magi sub-species, her biological structure makes her sensitive to surrounding mana/chi, which in turn allows her to cast specific supernatural abilities, as shown below.
  • Art of Spiritual Escape (魂遁の術 Konton no Jutsu?) – She can read the lives of souls, either roaming or inhabiting other bodies or forms, can detect traces of life, determining if a person her friends want to seek is living or dead, and if alive, can also determine their location.

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