“If a human and vampire can become friends, then there is a probability, even if small, that the two races can coexist. Ergo, it is not impossible.”
Kitae Uehara (上原 北絵?) is one of the major characters in the movie The Earth Defense Force. She is a well-renowned and respected vampire huntress and magician who is the head of the Hayato Academy.

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At some point between the events of The Earth Defense Force and this film, Kitae joined the Justice Alliance to not only give the superhero organization more manpower with the help of her students and firms in the Hayato Academy, but also according to her, establish further ties between the Alliance and the Taimanin since there are also Taimanin within her family.

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Kitae is a powerful magic human who possesses impressive feats in and out of combat, especially when her magical barrier powers are some of the strongest in the Justice Alliance.

  • Magi physiology/sensitivity to mana – Kitae is a member of the Magi sub-species of humans whose physical attributes allow exposure to mana, which in turn allows her to have abilities beyond those a regular human.
  • Barrier projection – Kitae is known for conjuring extremely strong magical barriers that both repels and destroys vampires and other demonic beings if they attempt to break through without her "approval". When she gives approval, she can allow people to enter through the barrier while still keeping it up. For this, she is regarded as the "most powerful barrier master in the world".

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